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How to maintain painted tile floors?

How to maintain painted tile floors?

Published on 02 December 2021, 07:12:15 AM

Avoid High Foot Traffic 

Painted tile floors are not suitable for areas with high foot traffic. So make sure that they are installed in an area that is not used regularly to ensure that the paint remains intact for a long time.

Fix The Peeling Paint

Paint from the painted tile floors will peel over time. The only reasonable option to repair it would be to carefully peel off the existing paint and repaint the specific tile. 

Regular Re-paint

You can also consider getting the painted tile floors repainted regularly to ensure that they continue to maintain their charm. Regular repainting could be an expensive affair so please consider your budget before undertaking such maintenance.

Is There Any Alternative To Painted Tile Floors?

If you are re-considering the whole project and do not want the hassle of the high maintenance of painted tile floors, we have a solution for you. We think that the Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring would be an ideal fit. Click-N-Lock tiles are made from stone polymer composite and are highly durable. The tiles are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology while adhering to international manufacturing standards. The Click-N-Lock tiles have lots of advantages over painted tile floors, they are as follows:

  • They do not require any maintenance whatsoever except for regular sweeping and mopping.
  • The Click-N-lock tiles are built with a five-layer core and hence are highly resilient and durable. 
  • Damages, if any, can be quickly fixed by replacing just the damaged tile.
  • These are antimicrobial, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, waterproof, and grout-free. It’s the ideal flooring for any home.
  • Click-N-Lock tiles have a wide variety of designs and finishes. You can pick between wood, stone, and vogue finishes. Each of them has plenty of designs to pick from.

We hope that you are convinced to take a look at Welspun's Click-N-Lock tiles

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