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How to make a small balcony green with artificial grass

How to make a small balcony green with artificial grass

Published on 21 May 2021, 11:36:07 AM


Nature-inspired home décor trends are emerging as a crowd favourite in recent times, and artificial grass is one such overwhelming trend. There are plenty of reasons that make it slightly impractical for homeowners to consider the option of real grass, like space constraint, time constraint related to maintenance and more. This is where the role of artificial grass comes into the picture. It is made of nylon, polyethene, polypropylene and polyamide. Many use artificial grass for various sports fields, including running fields, football and private spaces due to its high durability.

Are you wondering how to make a small balcony green with artificial grass? Well, this is no rocket science. Simply take care of a few elements, and you are all set to treasure a treat for the eyes.


  • Artificial green grass should not be placed on an uneven surface. However, if it is something that you cannot help, there is always a smart way out to deal with this problem. Simply use foam, approximately 6mm underlay, to ensure that it does not reflect that uneven look once the grass is being laid.

  • Quality of drainage plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity of the artificial grass for balcony. Poor quality drainage will go on to deteriorate the quality of the grass.

  • Using Joining Tape and little glue, you can easily install green artificial grass within half a day.  When installed correctly, artificial grass for balcony may last up to a minimum of 12-15 years.

Cost of installation

There is an array of factors on which it depends, like easy accessibility, drainage quality, type of surface, and of course, the area to be covered.


Benefits of Artificial Green Grass

Installing artificial green grass comes with its own sets of benefits, including low maintenance. You need not require fertilising, mowing and spraying. Also, for the people who struggle with grass allergies, this grass becomes the perfect solution to enjoy a nature-inspired living experience.

When installed aptly, artificial grass for balcony can infuse a new lease of life in almost all sorts of areas, right from rooftops to balcony to flooring. Especially a few colourful flower pots are enough to instantly brighten up what was earlier a sheer monotonous area devoid of any life in it.

There was a time when people would be drawn to artificial grasses purely to enhance the garden’s aesthetic appeal. However, as technology continues to advance, more and more homeowners acknowledge its potential to impart safety due to its anti-bacterial and non-flammable properties.

Once you have laid the artificial grass for balcony turf successfully onto the balcony floor, you are all set to embark on an enthralling journey to choose the best complimentary decorative stuff. Be it a wooden crate or hanging plant baskets, be it ladder planter or pebble stones, no matter what you select, will further enhance the entire aesthetic appeal of the artificial grass for balcony to a great extent.

The Bottom Line

In the wake of growing apartment culture, cherishing the luxury of the green landscape is no more a distant dream due to the advent of artificial grass for balcony. No matter if it is in a posh society or not, every apartment comes with a balcony. You can transform the entire appeal of the patio into a plush luxe gateway. A fuss-free interior concept, artificial grass for balcony, when empowered with colourful flower pots, can transform the appeal of the entire basic arrangement to magazine-worthy in minimal time.  Also, explore the power of climbers and creepers to further take the charm of tropical oasis to the next level.  So what are you waiting for? Use the potential of your house’s different areas and corners to the fullest by installing artificial green grass to give yourself a mesmerising outdoor space where you can rejuvenate and unwind every day.

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