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Ideas to create your own terrace garden with artificial grass

Ideas to create your own terrace garden with artificial grass

Published on 26 July 2021, 07:46:51 PM

If you live in the city and have a terrace, small or big, you can count yourself as lucky. Space in modern cities is getting cluttered and limited. Greenery is hard to come by. Not everyone has the luxury of having a garden or for that matter the space. 

One saving grace is the terrace where you can chill and relax. If you love fresh air and a bit of greenery around, then here are some brilliant ideas to adorn your terrace garden with artificial grass. Artificial grass is the newest trend - here’s why. It looks as real as natural grass. It is ideal for indoors and outdoors as well. The best part is the ease of maintenance. You don’t need to water it, weed, patch, or mow it. A verdant terrace garden minus the hassles of upkeep is precisely the reason why it has become an indisposed part of the flooring industry.

So, here’s how you can use artificial grass to turn your bland balcony into a blissful space to relax:

  • Never go wrong with rustic furniture: 

The presence of artificial grass on your terrace garden is predisposed. Well, if your style is embedded in making your terrace garden look natural – rustic furniture is the way to go. Bring in furniture with natural textures for a rugged look. It will transport you to the countryside as you sip your evening cuppa.

  • Light it up: 

Fairy lights or star lights are all the rage now – well for good reason. Hang some lights on the railing of your terrace garden or the walls. It will make your outdoor space extra cozy as you relax or socialize with family or friends. You can go the conventional route and choose lighting fixtures such as light bulb chains, spotlights, and floor or table lamps. Along with the artificial grass used for your terrace – these lights will make your terrace a dreamy escape from the ordinary.

  • Install a hammock:

To have an artificial lawn on your terrace and never spend time relaxing there - well, you don’t want to do that. No one does. So set about a cozy corner for yourself by installing a hammock and spend your Sunday afternoon lazing there with your favourite novel, surrounded by ever-lasting greenery. Let those soft fibers tickle your hands as you sway and take all your worries away. Now that’s what a perfect weekend should feel like.

  • Create a lounging space: 

With the right setting, your terrace garden can even double up as a cozy lounge to spend some quality time with your friends over drinks. And depending on the types of seating spaces you want to have out there, you can choose from a varied range of furniture ranging from simple wicker seats to more luxurious upholstered chairs. The best part with a terrace lounge with artificial grass is that in case you spill your drink, fret not. Greens is waterproof and has an in-built drainage system to spare you the hassles of cleaning. 

  • Spice it with some herbs: 

Bring in some aroma into your terrace garden. You don’t need a lot of space, just use a small planter that is big enough to grow some herbs. It can be helpful in multiple ways – your terrace garden will always smell good and you can also use these herbs to cook a healthy meal. The bonus is feeling rewarded. Go on, grow some basil, mint, parsley, and coriander. The combination of artificial grass for your terrace garden space and herbs is simply unbeatable! 


Inspired to set up your own lush green terrace garden with artificial grass? Check out our range here. We have built our artificial flooring product, Greens, using the most resilient of fibres so they last for years without losing their charm. Also, it’s one of the most sustainable flooring alternatives to having as it can save up to over 73000 litres of water annually in domestic use as compared to real grass. It’s easy to install, comes with in-built drainage, and looks just as good as real grass. So go right ahead and make your terrace a blissful escape with Welspun.

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