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Ideas to create your own terrace garden with Artificial grass

Ideas to create your own terrace garden with Artificial grass

Published on 27 December 2021, 01:47:03 PM

Owning a terrace garden is a luxury. If you own one, you must decorate it with the best of things. Irrespective of the size of the garden, you can transform the space into your relaxing oasis away from all the noise of the city. You can steal all the tranquil moments you want once you have set up your terrace garden. Artificial grass is the holy grail to start with your terrace garden. Let us first explain why artificial grass for a terrace garden is a great idea before we share other ideas for your terrace garden.

  • Artificial grass for the terrace garden looks great all year long irrespective of the weather. There is no stress of dried or muddy grass.
  • The garden does not need any watering at all.
  • Artificial grass for the terrace garden does not need any pesticide or insecticides. 
  • It does not require any mowing, cutting, or trimming.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • They are UV resistant.
  • They are child and pet-friendly.

We have some ideas for you to set up your dream garden with artificial grass for the terrace.

Always Use Folding Furniture

You must have furniture on the terrace garden. Always buy folding furniture that you can fold up and create additional space in your garden. Your furniture will not be damaged in rains as well. 

Get A Hammock Installed

A hammock adds a cozy corner to your terrace garden where you can relax during winters with a book. Reading a book surrounded by greenery and an open sky is every book reader's dream. You can create a perfect weekend right in your home.

Use The Walls

Space may be in short supply so it makes sense to use every square inch of the space. You can use the walls as well to create either a natural or a fake green wall garden. If you do not want to fill up the entire wall, you can also consider adding a few planters or add hanging baskets. Another option would be to install shelves and add interesting decorative items or different plants in each shelf. 

Creating A Herb Garden

Herbs that smell nice and can be used in cooking can be grown on your terrace garden too. The space required to grow herbs is very less. You can create a herb garden on the walls. That way, the risk of infection from pests will be minimal too. 

Add Lights Along With Artificial Grass For Terrace

You will be mostly spending your evenings on the terrace garden after the long tiring day of work. Adding lights will make your outdoor space extra cozy. You can choose from light bulb chains, lamps, spotlights, or chandeliers. 

While the list is limited, the potential for you to decorate your terrace garden is unlimited. Use your imagination and transform your garden and artificial grass for the terrace. If you do not have a terrace, you can always apply these ideas to your balcony. Do not limit yourselves.

Welspun Has An Ideal Artificial Grass For Terrace - Greens

Welspun flooring solutions have artificial grass for the terrace that is made with fibers that closely resemble the natural texture of grass. Welspun Green is tinged with various shades such as green and golden to make it look more natural. Unlike other artificial grass for terrace solutions, Welspun greens have an in-built water drainage system built for heavy traffic. It is made to fit both horizontal and vertical landscaping. The fiber is highly resilient and does not flatten out over the longer term. The fiber continues to retain its soft texture and provides comfort at every step. It is available in 3 different sizes such as 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm. 

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