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Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Beautiful

Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Beautiful

Published on 17 June 2022, 12:48:18 PM

When it comes to small-space living, your bathroom is likely the smallest space you have. If your bathroom is tiny, you are probably looking for small bathroom interior design ideas to make the most of the space so it does not feel too cramped. If so, you have come to the right place. A small bathroom can also be stylish and classy with a little bit of creativity and practicality put together. We tell you how!

In this blog, we have rounded up some doable small bathroom interior design ideas to make every inch of your space count. 

Hang Your Curtain High

A smart small bathroom interior design idea is to use the cloth shower curtains to your benefit. They can bring a certain level of glamor and sophistication to any bathroom. Installing an extra-tall curtain close to the ceiling gives your walls an elongated look as the fabric tumbles from the ceiling to the floor. It will also add elegance and charm to your small space unlike before. 

Stick To a Light Palette

Behind every aesthetically pleasing bathroom is a gorgeous color palette that does all the work. A busy color or too many patterns can cramp your style whereas choosing light palettes can make your bathroom appear larger. White can open up your bathroom space like no other color, making it brighter too with natural light pouring in. This small bathroom interior design is a win-win!

Indulge In Some Luxury

Your bathroom space isn’t as big as you would have ideally liked. But that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in a little luxury. A freestanding towel rack can bring in the allure you need to elevate your small bathroom interior design. Use higher quality materials with excellent finishes to decorate your bathroom. Lastly, box in any unsightly pipework through clever handy shelves around the walls.

Invest In Fancy Light Fixtures

A great small bathroom interior design idea to distract your guests away from the space constraint is to let your lights take the center stage. A stunning light fixture is a brilliant way to make a statement without hogging any extra floor space. Consider purchasing fancy and chic chandeliers sourced from a flea market to make your ceilings awe-inspiring. Getting the right light can make all the difference to the ambience you want to create in your small bathroom.  

Consider An Oval Bath

Yes, it is possible to have a bathtub in your small bathroom without making it look tinier. There are plenty of reduced-depth freestanding baths for small bathrooms. You can include an oval-shaped bathtub that cuts corners without becoming the victim in the battle for space. To further accentuate this small bathroom interior design, consider a shower/bathtub combination to utilize the space well.

Go Big with Tiles

You may think a small bathroom would look better with smaller bathroom tiles? In reality, it's just the opposite. Small tiles mean more grout lines. This can make your space feel grid-like and tight. A good small bathroom interior design idea is to install big tiles. They help create an illusion of space. If you still wish for small tiles, consider getting them installed in a smaller area such as an alcove or just the shower. Mosaic tiles can beautify your space if you decide to work with smaller tiles.

Final Thoughts

To make your small bathroom interior design a success you need to be completely sure of what design elements you can work with. You can make the process easier by drawing up a list of elements to include in your bathroom. If the limited space isn’t allowing you to work with a particular design element, be ready to compromise with a smart alternative.

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