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Items available online to go with flooring at home

Items available online to go with flooring at home

Published on 26 August 2021, 07:59:25 AM

The space where you stay most of the time requires renovation from time to time. After all, we nurture our dreams, aspirations and make memories in this place we call home. We believe that our inner inspiration comes from an artistic outlook and lifestyle that would spur the inner creative desires to do something better and flooring takes the centre stage for any part of home decor for it can easily make or break your space.

Let’s have a look at some incredible home decoration items online that not only compliment your beautiful flooring from Welspun but also serve your purpose and spark creative imagination.

Home decoration items online for Click N Lock Tiles 

The interlocking tiles come with ample options to choose from for your bedrooms like Whisker Oak, Cambrey Ake, Java Wood, Delta, and Ember Sky. Their high flame, stain, and scratch-resistant properties make them the perfect choice for living in this space all day long without any hassles. So decorating it with the right decor which you can get from home decoration items online will increase the visual appeal of the place. 

Floor Lamps and Click N Lock Tiles have the best companionship as they complement each other in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Since the latter is made up of stone polymer composite with the décor film, a chic floor lamp will add elegance to the flooring by lighting up the space with its warm hue. You can check floor lamps along with other home decoration items online to choose the best one for your Click N Lock Tiles.

Alternatively, you can also explore a plethora of vases made up of materials like stoneware, terracotta, or wood that will increase the charm of the room corners. 

Home decoration items online for Carpet Tiles 

The exquisite designs of Carpet Tiles are manufactured considering comfort and utility coupled with artistic innovation. The main features of these specific products are their resilient fibers and stain-resistant properties thereby giving strength and aesthetic feel to the carpet. Perfect for large spaces, the multiple options at Welspun for carpet tiles like Relay, Nature, Urbane, and Main Street Streaks can also suit any auditorium or large living space at home. 

Wall art with picturesque destinations you had visited some time ago or the place from your bucket list can be ideal for hanging on the walls. The canvas images also compliment a large space with its grandeur and its ethereal beckoning from another time and space. If you are an art enthusiast, you can also buy hand-painted wall art from talented artists from home decoration items online.

Home decoration items online for Wall-to-Wall Carpets 

Wall-to-Wall carpets are best suited for amplifying your home theatre experience. This particular product comes with superior sound absorption and lets you enjoy the show comfortably. Made from improved nylon yarn, we have curated a few home decorations items online that can complete the setup of the room. 

Abstract wall art can reflect your admiration for artistic collections. It can enhance the elegance of your home theatre room with Wall-to-Wall Carpets to much extent. Just beneath this wall art, a designer bookcase and cabinet not only fits the aesthetic standard but will also provide utility for its storing capacity. 

Home decoration items online for Artificial Grass

Welspun has a beautiful flooring option that takes after the textures of grass. One can use the artificial grass both indoors and outdoors where you can relax with a cup of hot coffee. Now if you are wondering whether any home decorations items online are suitable for this space, then we have found just the right items for you. 

A few decorative stools are not just pretty, but it is where you can sit and sip your cup of coffee. A blue and white woolen Ragnar stool will also complete the artificial green grass flooring which you find from home decoration items online. Another contemporary choice for this space will be a spica round stool where you can even read and keep a few books along with that cup of coffee. 

If you are willing to take up your decorating game to another level, you can install greens in your wall too. The artificial grass in a balcony can increase the charm of your room that comes with sets of wall decorations. 

Now, as you have navigated through a number of decorative items for complementing your flooring, add on these beauties in your space for a dash of art combined with technology. If you haven’t installed Welspun’s flooring options yet, head on to for a home refurbishing.  

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