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Kitchen floor tiles designs for your inspiration and which one's are the best?

Kitchen floor tiles designs for your inspiration and which one's are the best?

Published on 31 July 2021, 08:06:28 AM

If you are a foodie and all you like is to cook and eat, the bedroom and the kitchen are probably your favourite places in your home and you spend your quality time in the kitchen. The kitchen is also the busiest place in your home and goes through a lot of wear and tear. From spills and stains to heavy cabinets, and constant plod of feet, you can find every activity in the kitchen. 

The key to making the right choice for your kitchen floor tiles designs is to find the ideal balance between aesthetics and practicality. Talking about functionality, the tiles must be sturdy and durable to sustain the constant foot traffic, water-resistant to spur a dry cooking area, stain-resistant so that you don't have to worry about spills, flame resistant for you to carry on the experimental cooking, and many other rational features.

Now that we know what practical features you must look for, let's discover the best-in-class kitchen floor tiles designs for your inspiration because there is an influx of options in the market that might confuse you and keep you from making the right choice. So, wake your inner creative interior designer up and get going! 

If an elegant, modern kitchen is what you’re after, marble does the job quite well. Marble tile is breathtakingly beautiful for kitchen floor tiles designs. It’s long been a staple of high-end, ultra-luxurious kitchens where chic style is just as important as overall functionality.

Unfortunately, such a highly-valued marble tile flooring has its fair share of drawbacks, especially when used for kitchen floor tiles designs. While it is waterproof, it gets very slippery when wet. It is also highly susceptible to scratching and staining. In addition to the cost of the raw material, installing marble is expensive, especially if you want a mosaic or other complex design for your kitchen floor tiles designs.

Ceramic tile is one of the most common options in kitchen floor tiles designs. The main reason for its popularity is its water and stain resistance. 

Ceramic tiles are also extremely durable. In the kitchen, where accidents are common, a dropped pot, plate, or another object likely won’t cause any damage to your ceramic kitchen floor tiles design. The only downside to ceramic tile is its hardness and weight. It’s not a very comfortable flooring to stand on for long periods. You might consider this for your kitchen floor tiles designs if you like to spend quality time in the kitchen.




Granite flooring also has a solid reputation as a luxury flooring which gives your kitchen floor tiles designs an upscale look. Durability is also a plus for granite tile in kitchen floor tiles designs. It’s one of the hardest natural stone materials regularly used for flooring. Granite is stain resistant and durable which means they are strong. One downside to granite tile is it’s slippery, especially when polished. In fact, homes with children or the elderly should avoid it altogether. Granite tile is slightly more expensive than other mid-range kitchen floor tiles designs materials depending on the colour, veining, and pattern of the stone.


CNL tiles from Welspun come with the advanced Wel-Lock™ technology, ensuring that the kitchen floor tiles designs are fitted using a unique locking system. This mechanism also makes the whole installation process easy hassle-free and can be completed in a day. These sturdy tiles come in a wide range of designs, styles, patterns and textures for you to choose the one that you absolutely adore.

While finalising the kitchen floor tiles designs, it can be helpful if you keep in mind the interior and the aesthetic of the kitchen, like the shade of your kitchen cabinets, the colour of your walls and the finishing you want to go for your favourite place in the kitchen.

Also, I know how painful the starches and stains are to handle in the kitchen. These tiles come with a special additional layer that makes them resistant to all the wear and tear, making your everyday spills easy to clean. Moreover, CNL tiles are anti-slip in nature and ensure minimum slippage and are ideal for homes with kids & the elderly. 

There is a cushioned layer in the CNL tiles that provide underfoot comfort and is a pleasure to step on. With all these exceptional qualities, you can now unleash your inner chef and prepare the most delicious dishes in your new and gorgeous kitchen. 

Pick your kitchen floor tiles designs from Welspun’s exquisite collection of CNL tiles that are finely made using the best raw materials to ensure longevity, and make your kitchen floor tiles designs the most beautiful kitchen floor.

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