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Know everything about red floor tiles

Know everything about red floor tiles

Published on 31 July 2021, 04:23:10 PM

Flooring choice is instrumental in setting the ambience of the space so we can perform better in our daily lives. The texture, colour and other details play a greater role when it comes to influencing our senses. Thus making it imperative to carefully examine the tiles accordingly, as per your needs and taste.

Colour Psychology Behind Red Floor Tiles

Arguably the boldest colour of all, red tiles will evoke warmth and passion in terms of emotions. A red tile works wonders in setting up the mood for a memorable first impression that gets people talking because it stirs up energy levels, heightens the senses, and creates excitement.

Obviously, you have different shades of red, which lets you choose the shade that speaks to you!  Some of the shades and what they signify to most are listed below- 


  • Darker shades of Red - Leadership, courage, willpower, vigour

  • Light shades of Red - Love, passion, joy, sensitivity

  • Reddish Brown - Harvest and fall seasonal moods

  • Pinkish Red - Friendship, romance and love

Even though the shades speak of so many emotions, mostly the shades of red can add a certain cosiness and warmth to the space and induce passion while attracting eyeballs!

Red Floor Tile Composition

Red floor tiles are mostly ceramic tiles made of red clay and minerals mixed with some specific additives.  Being somewhat porous, the water-absorbing nature of the tile can be removed by glazing the tiles. Ceramic tiles are also highly resistant to heat.

Porcelain, on the other hand, is another material that is used to make red floor tiles. The cost of these tiles is somewhat higher as compared to ceramic tiles as they have less susceptibility to moisture infiltration. Apart from these,  these tiles can also be found in stone, brick, and quarry variants.


Benefits of Using Red Floor Tiles

Most often, red tiles have the following advantages as compared to other tiles:


  • Cost savings - Red floor ceramic tiles are less expensive than white floor or porcelain tiles due to the relatively low price of raw materials and ease of manufacturing.

  • Lightweight - These tiles are lighter than porcelain or other tiles, but these are known for being able to bear a higher load capacity than white tiles.

  • Aesthetics - While they give a rugged and old-school look,  these tiles are coming back into the mainstream as people want to recreate a look that goes well with the olden times and these red tiles can provide an exquisite look when coupled with some flower pots and other arrangements.

  • Maintenance - Ceramic red floor tiles are easy to clean, especially when they are glazed. 

Utilization of Red Floor Tiles in Residential or Commercial spaces

Red floor tiles can be used in all commercial and residential spaces, depending on the owner’s tastes and needs. These tiles can also be used as countertop tiles and walkway tiles.

  1. Residential flooring - The oldest and most common usage of these tiles has been in flooring for urban residential settings. It can still be seen across the globe as the most widely used tile in homes. 
  2. Kitchens - Red floor tiles can be used in kitchens as the darker the colour of the tile, the more difficult it is to spot the stains on them, which is a common occurrence in a kitchen. Thus, this makes maintenance relatively easier, the food and oil stains can be easily taken care of.
  3. Commercial spacesRed floor tiles are a good cost saver option as they are cheap, relatively easy to install and maintain, and even if they get damaged, they can be replaced with new ones in the least possible time and expense, thus making it a great option for the commercial spaces too.
  4. Walkways - Public walkways often use red floor tiles because they have to handle a heavy load of pedestrians. These walkways need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Moreover, public walkways generally cover a large area which increases the development costs as well. Hence, using red floor tiles will keep the development and maintenance costs low for the public/private agencies in charge of the walkways.


Red floor tiles can be rugged and smooth at the same time and act as a good option that can be considered for real estate flooring. 

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