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Latest Hall Interior Design Ideas for Beautiful Makeover

Latest Hall Interior Design Ideas for Beautiful Makeover

Published on 18 April 2022, 09:36:08 AM

Most of us greet our guests in the hall of our home. This space creates a first impression on the mind of whoever is walking in which is why it is key to get the hall interior design right. A hall is also a common gathering space - one of the most useful areas in a home. Whether it is to relax after a long day, entertain guests, or simply watch TV, the hall is the place you will spend much of your time.

As we spend most of our time in the living room, great attention should be paid to its interior design and decor.


  1. Make the room brighter: In most apartments with their tiny windows, there isn't enough natural light and fresh air to fill the apartment. If you place a decorative mirror near a light source – a window or a lamp – the room is instantly brightened. Mirrors are one of the most popular home decor ideas for a small living room because of their reflective surfaces.
  2. Cozy corners: Create a cozy corner in your living room. It can be as simple as adding a chair, lamp, throws, and some pillows maybe with a rug underneath to create a reading nook. They add an extra sense of warmth and comfort. Instead of opting for a rug, you can choose to have carpet tiles from Welspun Flooring for your hall interior design to create an environment of warmth
  3.  Accent walls: When choosing an accent wall, make sure the wall is taller than the rest of the room to avoid the impression of a compact room. A wall-mounted TV adds a sense of grandeur to them, and they look prettier with it.
  4. Less is more: Sometimes less is more. Avoid going overboard by filling up your hall with a lot of elements. Try to maintain balance and harmony amongst the different items in your living room be it the decor pieces, the wall colour, the flooring, curtains, furniture, and so on.
  5. Lighter colours for smaller spaces: You can make a small room seem larger with neutral paint colors, light pastel shades, and even paint that reflects light. If you are worried about light paint getting messy then you can opt for easy-to-clean wall paints that prevent streaks and have premium surfaces. If you're looking for wallpaper for your living room interior design then you should choose a design that you enjoy, choose light colors with interesting textures and patterns that aren't too loud. Pair this up with the Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun flooring to give your hall a complete look.
  6. Addition of Swings: Swings are one thing that most people enjoy and incorporating one in your living room decor idea is nothing less than dreamy. Whether you're relaxing with a cup of tea or creating a cozy corner, it can add a lot to your living room, especially in a small apartment.
  7.  Storage: To maximize the use of furniture pieces and the available space, consider purchasing furniture with storage compartments. This living room decor idea will help to conceal all the clutter and eliminate the need for extra shelving. If you have a TV in your living room which has a small unit then that can also be designed to provide some storage space which will help keep away all the tv accessories like the remote control which normally is kept anywhere and everywhere.
  8. Add plants: There are so many options and varieties when it comes to plants. Purchase plants according to the light that you receive in your hall and place them in cute planters. A little green color adds freshness to the living room and is pleasing to the eye as well. You can even get indoor air-purifying plants for natural, fresher air.
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