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Make a striking statement in sophistication with Welspun Flooring - Urbane 2.0 Carpet Tiles

Make a striking statement in sophistication with Welspun Flooring - Urbane 2.0 Carpet Tiles

Published on 10 March 2021, 08:28:03 AM

As individuals, we are constantly evolving, and this change is reflected in our worldview, taste, and art. Good taste especially is the mark of the evolved and is manifested in our ability to make the right choices. Be it the boardroom or playground, we always strive to make the right choice to leave a lasting impression.

Created for discerning individuals and their tastes Welspun Flooring brings you the all-new Urbane 2.0 Office Carpet Tiles, a one-of-a-kind collection that introduces abstract expressionism to the flooring design space.


Introducing Welspun Flooring Urbane 2.0

A testament to urban elegance, the Urbane 2.0 Collection draws inspiration from the abstract paintings of the great masters of the art. Broken down to the most fundamental aspect, bold brushstrokes on a neutral backdrop, the collection celebrates the outstanding creativity, skill, and workmanship that goes into every masterpiece. Layered with diverse colors and textures, these office carpet tiles are a statement of art. Perfectly complementing the modern workspace, the collection can be viewed as a sophisticated flooring solution, with a dash of genius.

Make a Striking Statement at Work

Designing for executive spaces and boardrooms can be uniquely challenging as the workspace must be as highly productive as it is attractive. In any high-functioning office environment, the higher-ups must field countless questions, resolve situations, and make decisions right from the get-go. Top this with the fact that clients, team members, and heads of departments will see them regularly in their office space. While designing for such spaces, it is imperative to strike the right balance between professionalism and comfort and that’s where the Urbane 2.0 Collection finds its niche, making a great first impression that transitions to a productive workspace.

With its patent sweep brushstroke effect, the Urbane 2.0 office carpet tiles add visual depth and dynamism to the floors, captivating people from the moment they step into the room. Designers can not only pick from a range of designs under the collection but also customize the office carpet tiles by choosing from a versatile palette of patterns and colours to execute their own artistic expression.

Made for the Refined Palate

Elegance is nothing but good taste that makes a bold statement. The idea behind the conception of the Urbane 2.0 collection was to create something unique for our evolved clientele that matched their refined taste and style. Our Head of Design, Mr. Ritam Ray has this to say about the inspiration behind the collection. “We thought about the people with a fine taste of art who evolve in the way of lifestyle and choices. Urbane 2.0 targets the mature generation with a more open-ended approach of living. It has a very sophisticated look achieved through patterns & colors with artistic elements like minimalistic textures, soothing painted brush strokes etc. Overall, the collection was designed to be quite unique & upmarket.”

Sustainable and ‘Made in India’

A product of Welspun Flooring, Urbane 2.0 office Carpet Tiles are imbibed with all the product benefits that make it a practical flooring solution for office spaces. Easy to install and maintain, they’re resilient to staining and damage even in the most testing conditions. The office carpet tiles maintain their aesthetic and appearance over time while offering sound insulation. Not only this, Welspun Flooring Urbane 2.0 Office Carpet Tiles are ‘Made in India’ and leave a 40% lower environmental footprint. So go on, create spaces that make a statement and give you the home ground advantage with Welspun Flooring Urbane 2.0 Office Carpet Tiles Collection.

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