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Minimalist Interior Designs That Are Discreetly Wonderful

Minimalist Interior Designs That Are Discreetly Wonderful

Published on 20 May 2022, 12:01:13 PM

During the 1960s and 1970s, a school of artists that included Donald Judd, Carl Andre, and Dan Flavin dubbed their ultra-simple works of art—a canvas painted all one shade, a neon-lighted room, the simplest riff on a wood chair—minimalism.

The style quickly spread to the homes of those who shared the artist's philosophy of "less is more." These include architects like John Pawson, Richard Meier, and Luis Barragán. There's more to minimal interior design than you might think. The minimalist sees simplicity where you think stark. You might think it's cold, but the minimalist, on the other hand, see’s sleek and where you might think it boring, the minimalist see’s fascinating.

There is beauty in simplicity in any style of interior design, but you should also remember that there are also elements of originality. Minimalism extends beyond home design and into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has been found to have numerous benefits. These include the greater peace of mind, less stress, and greater freedom.

It's important to keep a clear intention in mind when making design decisions. Here are nine guidelines to get the minimalist home design just right.

  • Choose a stand-out piece of furniture 

If you don't know where to start, start with a piece of furniture that will stand out. Next add lamps, plants, and artwork to tell a story around it. Adding colour to a minimalist world doesn't automatically mean chaos, but you should keep form and function in mind, and create clear connections between your interior design elements.


  • Leave plenty of room for openness

When it comes to minimalist interior design, you want to keep everything open. Relax into the atmosphere. Space is what matters. Don't get sucked into filling up space with furniture just because it's there. The idea is to keep everything open. You can incorporate good flooring here which will highlight your room while maintaining the minimalistic look. You can check out the Click-N-Lock tiles range offered by Welspun Flooring which will help spruce up your interior decor almost immediately.


  • Put the light to good use as decor

Think outside the functionalist square and choose beautiful lighting. Chandeliers may be a minimalist's worst nightmare, but there are some stunning lights available that are art in themselves, complementing any minimalist design.


  • Flaunt the view from your home

If the home you live in has a fantastic view, keep the interior decor simple and your focus will be on the view itself. Keep furniture simple and get rid of unnecessary items. Put some indoor plants and complementary artwork on display to enhance your space even further.


  • Accent elements 

Add a bit of contrast to a neutral room decor by introducing an element in a contrasting colour, such as a painting, piece of furniture, or feature wall. The exception to this rule is that the accent element doesn't have to be obnoxious. It's a great way to bring attention to your room.


  • Make use of diverse materials

You can use a variety of materials for texture in minimalist home interior designs, such as timber, glass, pottery, cloth, and canvas. Minimalism design doesn't have to be boring. The minimalist style includes muted colour palettes and a muted colour palette that can easily translate to classy.


  • Invest in high-quality fixtures

Minimalist movements are often associated with embracing frugality, but minimalist interior design is not necessarily about saving money. The popular minimalist bachelor pad owned by a wealthy professional is a great example. Decorative fixtures, such as designer light fixtures, high-end storage units, and contemporary gas fires, can make your home more appealing without cluttering it.

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