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Must-Have Floor Carpet Ideas For Creating The Best Office Environment

Must-Have Floor Carpet Ideas For Creating The Best Office Environment

Published on 29 June 2021, 06:08:34 AM

Selecting the right office floor carpet for your lavish office may not be as easy as it looks. There are a lot of options to choose from while making sure that the carpet flooring is ideal for the environment. Office floor carpets have many advantages like easy installation, availability of a great variety of designs, durability, and classy appeal. You can create custom designs on high-quality material at affordable prices.

Each area of an office has different foot traffic and hence the office floor carpet installations should also be different in each of those areas. We have some great ideas for each section of your office. 

Lobby & Reception Areas

The most used area of the office is the lobby and the reception. These two areas have the highest foot traffic and need durable flooring. These areas are the first place that all employees, clients, customers, or vendors see when they enter the office. Hence, making a great first impression is extremely important and that includes the aesthetics of the office floor carpet.

Carpet tiles of vibrant shades are ideal for such spaces. Being made of resilient yarns, they can withstand high footfalls. You can create a unique space by including a variety of colours in your selection of office floor carpet. They even absorb sound and have a smooth and luxe appeal when compared to other flooring options.

Office Space & Breakout Areas

The main office space is the second most highly used area and calls for exceptionally durable flooring options. On the other hand, the breakout area is expected to see a large group of people congregating through specific hours of the day and the floor will be prone to drops and spills too. Therefore, the main office space and breakout areas can have office floor carpet selections that are highly durable, low on maintenance and do not fade/stain easily.

Nylon carpet tiles are a great option for such spaces. They are one of the most durable synthetic fiber office floor carpets available. There are a variety of styles and textures to choose from in a wide range of colours. They even have better stain resistance than most other office floor carpets. All you need is regular vacuuming regularly along with steam cleaning every 12 to 18 months. 

Conference Rooms & Cabins

Conference rooms and cabins are low-traffic areas and hence durability is not a key concern here. However, these are the sections of an office where the most important deals and meets happen. You need to make sure that everything is top-notch including the flooring. Your flooring selection should be able to make a good impression on your potential and existing clients.

We believe that wool office floor carpet are ideal for conference rooms and cabins. Even though durability is not a top requirement for such spaces, woolen carpets have inherent natural durability that resists compression. Wool pffice floor carpets retain their colour through years of wear and tear. Spot removals are not complicated if addressed immediately and wool has a coating that is naturally resistant to water-based stains.They are also flame resistant and have a high ignition point.

Properties You Must Consider For Office Installations

There are a few factors that you must consider before finalising the carpets for your office. You must make sure that the office floor carpets have underfoot comfort, are highly durable, have insulation properties, are fire & stain resistant, and can withstand high foot traffic.

Office Flooring Solutions At Welspun Flooring

Welspun office floor carpet tiles have solutions that can address all your office flooring needs. They are made from a highly resilient fiber, have multiple design possibilities, are stain and fade-resistant, and can be installed easily. They are trusted by experts as a safe and sustainable solution to office flooring needs. Welspun floor carpets have a special coating that kills 99.68% of viruses. Explore our collection here if you’re expecting an office renovation project coming your way.

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