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Now Get More Done with Welspun Floorings Nature 2.0 Collection

Now Get More Done with Welspun Floorings Nature 2.0 Collection

Published on 10 March 2021, 08:28:21 AM

Wander. Explore. Discover. Nature allows for it all.

Even in most urban spaces, we crave a connection with nature. While it isn’t always possible to just unplug and head out into the great outdoors, we like to infuse our workplaces with elements of nature. Be it succulents on the work desk, ficus plants around corridors, babbling fountains, or even a nature-related desktop wallpaper; because after a particularly strenuous conference call or meeting, they lend a few moments of serenity and calmness.


Introducing Welspun Flooring Nature 2.0 Collection

Offices are always buzzing with activity with everyone moving a hundred miles a minute. Yet they are intended to be productive spaces where people can work in harmony to undertake important tasks and major decisions. With zen at its core, Welspun Flooring brings you the Nature 2.0 Collection of carpet tiles.

Perfectly capturing our design inspiration behind the collection, our Design Head, Mr. Ritam Ray has this to say “In today’s busy world people hardly get to spend time outdoors. Inspired by colours and textures from multiple natural elements like bark, petals, and moss, Nature 2.0 Collection resonates with an earthy charm. This collection will have people in a zen state while being productive at work.”

Emulate the Tranquility of Nature

Leave the roads, and take the trails. The Nature 2.0 collection allows you to feel like you’re spending time in nature thereby improving productivity, efficiency, and clarity of thought. Diverse patterns from the collection also emulate nature in the way of being extremely versatile and therefore creating multiple design possibilities that can be applied together or alone, to create seamless earthy pathways that offer natural calm.


Made Sustainable and Stays Durable

Upholding the principles of sustainability, Nature 2.0 collection is produced using GRS-certified yarn and manufactured through sustainable methods. These carpet tiles also meet the highest levels of quality and durability and are easy to install and maintain. Sound absorbent, ideal for heavy footfall, stain, and fade resistance, giving a unique advantage over your present flooring. In this age of work pressures and deadlines, let’s look to promote employee wellbeing with Nature 2.0 Carpet Tiles, for a sanctuary that allows one to ‘Be Zen With Nature’.

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