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Pep Up Your Kitchen With Modern Tiles

Pep Up Your Kitchen With Modern Tiles

Published on 07 July 2021, 06:25:45 AM

If you are a cooking enthusiast, then it's likely that the kitchen is the place to find you if you go missing in the house. Your fondness for gourmet taste and experimental cooking conveniently keeps the kitchen one of the most used areas in your home. Thus, for someone like you, it's imperative that the kitchen is methodically and aesthetically built to help you shuffle from the cabinet to the stove with utmost precision and ease. From what we visualize, a gorgeous modular kitchen fits beautifully into the landscape. This can be achieved by exploring the new range of kitchen floor tiles in the market.

Are you already transferred to a dreamy state? To where every nook and corner of your kitchen is just the way you want it - beautiful, safe, hygienic, and something which reflects your personality. We are sure you must have imagined the look and feel of the cabinet, the smart appliances, and yourself cooking the most delicious recipe ever! Well, well, you might be missing something! Something you have set your foot on, literally! Look below. We are talking about your vibrant kitchen flooring with the new-age kitchen floor tiles. 


Wondering how to go about it? We are here to your rescue. Let's complete your perfect modular kitchen by swapping your old school floor with new-age kitchen floor tiles. Keep scrolling to figure out what points you must keep in mind before revamping your kitchen floor tiles to make the whole process pleasant, safe, and simple:

1. Start with Choosing Hygiene

With the stark realities of life squinting during the current situation, home, especially, kitchen hygiene has now become a priority more than ever. Kitchen floors are often the most overlooked when it comes to creating a clean and hygienic space. But when you look beyond regular, healthy floors are a must for healthy living. Now is the time to make antibacterial floors your kitchen’s best friend! The best suited for this purpose are the new-age kitchen floor tiles with Click N Lock technology from Welspun Flooring that come with innovative antimicrobial flooring options that impede the growth of bacteria and take your kitchen hygiene one step forward! 

2. The Right Look and Texture 

Your kitchen, your choice! With customers having infinite options in every possible thing, the flooring industry is also catching up with the latest trends to bring you bountiful designs in terms of colors, textures, and sizes with new kitchen floor tile designs. Go with what suits your personality the best. Whether it's a stone finish flooring, a wooden tile, or maybe something fancy right out of the interior design magazine, the market has got it all. You just have to wear the right lenses and know what you desire!

3. Strong Tiles for an Easy Vibe 

Tiles are notoriously famous for breaking down easily. You drop something heavy on it, and your stress-o-meter shoots up. Well, some problems can be solved, though. With the influx of new-age kitchen floor tiles like the Click N Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring, you can now be sure to step only on what's strong! This revolutionary tile has a five-layer core made of stone polymer composite that enhances durability. It also comes with a cushion backing for underfoot comfort along with various beautiful designs covered with a scratch free and anti fade UV film. 

4. Open to Trial, Resistant to Error

Get your hands, or in this case, your feet on the modern technology present around you. Ample aesthetic flooring options are now resistant to fire, stains, and scratches. It is a wise choice to armor your kitchen floor with safer alternatives and then unleash the Masterchef with full force. Make your kitchen the official trial ground for making this world a delicious place to live in without worrying about scratching or staining your happy place. Yet again, the new-age kitchen floor tiles with Click N Lock technology from Welspun flooring are a recommendable choice here.    


So, now the recipe to a gorgeous kitchen made right out of a cookbook is out in the open. Make a prudent choice without being reluctant about the mess that changing floor might create. The fascinating CNL new-age kitchen floor tiles from Welspun Flooring can be installed on the existing floor within a day's time, that too without burning a hole in your pocket! 

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