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Perfect guide to choose the best tiles for a kid’s room

Perfect guide to choose the best tiles for a kid’s room

Published on 28 July 2021, 06:50:23 PM

While designing a kid’s room, there is no limit to imagination. From the clothes to the toys and from the color of the walls to the tiles for kids room, visualizing a child’s room is an entirely different game to play. However, it all boils down to how well we cater to their choices and wants, ensuring their hygiene and protection as well. 

Carpet hardwood floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors and tiled floors are all the possible options available for decorating your child’s room. Out of all these, tiles for kids room are the safest and most durable option for enhancing the look of your lad’s space. They not only look attractive but also create a safe and vibrant environment for them to live in. 


How to choose the tiles for kids room?

Whether it's Wall Tiles or Floor Tiles, they all demand absolute precision during the selection procedure. Picking visually appealing tiles for kids room could be a terrific idea, but it becomes equally necessary to make sure that it is made of antiskid or anti-slip materials. Give your youngster what they want but in a smart way. Keeping in mind the intention to make your place kid-friendly by using the right kind of tiles for kids room. Here are a few tips:


Safe and Spacious

Safety is the biggest concern of every parent when it comes to their kid. So, it is necessary to look for products that are all functional, safe, attractive, comfortable, and long-lasting. 

When you're preparing the house for the kids, make sure there are no sharp corners that might hurt them while crawling. Similarly, you must ensure that the tiles for kids room provide them with enough free space to breathe in and move around without the constant fear of getting hurt. The child-friendly feature of Click N Lock tiles provides a floor durable enough to resist the rough treatment yet soft enough to cushion the kid’s landing.

The easiest way to create a safe and clean environment for your kid is to provide them with a germ-free room. With the introduction of germ-protection tiles like the Click N Lock tiles, it has become convenient to choose tiles for kids rooms that are particularly designed to combat bacteria and illnesses, making your child healthier and your home cleaner. And the fact that it is grout-free prevents germs from accumulating between the tiles. Welspun flooring ensures your kids’ safety by providing safe and clean floors.

Colourful and Attractive

A child’s room must reflect their personality; bubbly and vibrant. Hence it is important to provide a creative and playful environment for your kid to stay in. The tiles for kids rooms can work wonderfully in uplifting the energy of the surroundings and making it creatively inspiring. It is a smart solution to choose simple yet decorative tile designs.


Resistant to hard play

Since children spend a lot of time crawling and fooling around on the ground, you'll need flooring that can endure the wear and tear. Welspun Click N Lock tiles, made up of stone polymer composite, are durable enough to withstand almost anything without the risk of staining, chipping or scratching.

Overall, the tiles for kids room is one of the few aspects of your home that you can easily experiment with. This makes it a perfect fit for your child’s room. From multiple designs to a wide range of color choices, Welspun Click N Lock tiles are designed in a way to improve the appearance and feel of your room. You may explore the various tiling options available at their website that will look fantastic, even after several years, with just a minimal amount of maintenance.

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