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Perfect tile solutions for both home and garden

Perfect tile solutions for both home and garden

Published on 18 June 2021, 11:53:07 AM

What is the one thing that is common between your home and your garden? You! Your spaces are your extension and your reflection. And thus, finding the perfect decor elements for both interiors and exteriors is a must. One of the game-changers of home decor is the flooring area. It’s the most visible part and sets the vibe of the place.

So if you are someone who is looking for their home interiors as well as exteriors to exude a trendy yet comforting vibe, then installing artificial grass flooring is just the right thing to do, for your home and garden. It goes well with almost every space in your home. Be it your living room, the balcony, or garden - artificial grass flooring adds a natural charm to the place that elevates the overall decor to the next level.

Green, as a colour, has the property of creating a calming and fresh aura, adding the perfect ambience to your home and garden. Imagine having patches of this refreshing and tranquil colour in your home every day. Artificial grass is an ideal and realistic imitation of natural grass. It crosses out every limitation such as regular mowing, weeding, watering, breeding mosquitoes, cleaning after rain, or demanding sun to thrive. It’s easy to install, easier to maintain, and blends well with other decor elements in your home and garden. 

Artificial grass is made from highly resilient fibres that do not flatten over a span of time. Good quality turfs are made to sustain high foot traffic and abrasion. The grass fibres are somewhat weathered out and mixed with yellow golden yarn to mirror the look of natural grass, naturally blending in and giving an authentic feel to your home and garden. Another best part about it is that it’s a sustainable product. Tons of litres of water are used annually to maintain the gardens with real grass in our country. With climate change at its peak and water levels dropping, it’s always a better idea to pick sustainable options for your home and gardens, especially when you can get the same look and feel.

Moreover, another significant benefit is that artificial grass is an optimal choice for someone who is allergic to natural grass. It is completely safe for you and would not result in rashes or itches. It comes in rolls of different sizes and thicknesses and can be cut to fit the area you want. Transform any space in your home and garden into a modernist retreat with Greens from Welspun - a highly resilient artificial grass flooring solution that mimics the natural texture of grass to bring about a truly natural charm to the space in your home and garden.

Just the simple pleasure of having your lawn or garden or a blissful balcony corner in your home enables you to savor life at your pace. Close your eyes and imagine seeing perfectly laid out the grass in your home every day! The thought in itself is so refreshing, isn’t it?

Multiply quality time with your family or invite friends over for brunch. You can even treat yourself to some quality "me time" by playing with your pet on the lush green grass in your backyard or reboot with a meditative session that awakens your senses to a newfound freshness. Adding a touch of greenery to your home workstation won't be a bad idea either. As you can see, with artificial grass flooring, the possibilities are endless in both, your home and garden, and its experience is thoroughly refreshing.

Also, on an aesthetic note, this bright turf with a little golden-tone finish adds a charming and unique feel to your home and garden. You can also place these turfs on your walls or any vertical landscaping to add texture and character to the room with minimal elegant furniture and accessories, such as stylish mirrors and modern pendant lights. Keep your home and garden on-trend and be someone who is remembered by their distinct choice among your guests! Let these beauties be a never-ending conversation starter. 

Upgrade your life and say yes to the most refreshing flooring that is super durable, super relaxing, and as sustainable as it can be. Explore more on our website.  

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