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Pocket-Friendly Interior Design Ideas for Your House

Pocket-Friendly Interior Design Ideas for Your House

Published on 31 July 2021, 10:09:41 AM

House interior design should not just be beautiful to look at, but should also be functional. It should bring in an element of comfort into the mix, so your guests are awestruck with what they see in your house. 

You would want to come back to beautiful-looking interiors after a tiring day at work, and enjoy some quality time amidst the aesthetic comforts of your space with your family and friends. Hence, here are some pocket-friendly house interior design ideas that will enable you to enhance the overall look of your abode.

● Walls

One such easy and fun way to change the look and feel of your home is to give the walls a whole new look. To do so, you can either change the colour of the walls by painting them fresh or you can get your hands on beautiful wallpapers too. 

Painting the walls with a colour shade of your choice works great and you can also save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket by simply doing it yourself (DIY). 

For this, all you need to do is buy a few cans of paint and a few tools (just paint brushes and rollers) and you are all set to paint the town red, or rather to paint your house the colour of your choice. Wallpapers can be a little tricky business if you are doing it yourself for the first time. So let’s skip to the other ways to make your walls look attractive without spending a whole lot of energy or money. You can opt for wall hangings like tapestries, dream catchers or hanging shelves with strategically placed décor accessories. this will definitely change your house interior design and give it a completely new look.

  ● Window Treatments

A home without window treatments would impart an unfinished look to the interiors. So, when you think about house interior design for your space, you should not forget the windows. Budget-friendly window treatments are available in the market that will help you add some elegance to your home and give you much-needed privacy from the outside world. When choosing window treatment options, be smart; opt for an economical option that looks elegant. Instead of purchasing ready-made fabric curtains, you can purchase rolls of fabric and then tailor it into curtains, or if you can sew then why not DIY?


If you are someone who wants to change the flooring of your house and you find yourself staring at the cracked, age-old tiles of your home; wondering if you should change them or if you should simply cover it up with some rugs then, you should check out Welspun’s range of flooring options of house interior design flooring by visiting the website

Gone are the days when changing the floor was a painstakingly long and heavy-duty process as you had to break down the old floor and then get new expensive and heavy tiles in their place. With Welspun’s modular flooring products that are made using technologically advanced processes, you can now easily get your floors upgraded at an economical price without any hassle. Now is the best time for you to consider a new house interior design!

So, why wait? Change the house interior design and surprise your friends and family with your newly upgraded space! 

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