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Ready to revamp your home with wood flooring?

Ready to revamp your home with wood flooring?

Published on 25 December 2021, 06:12:05 AM

Flooring plays a big role in the overall scheme of things, especially when it comes to getting that perfect interior look. Because no matter how beautiful your interior might look, it will be bogged down if the flooring is dull and weary. 

Because of the stated reasons to have lovely flooring, a lot of homeowners are choosing hardwood floors for revamping their abode these days. It’s mainly because of the elegant and timeless look that comes with wood flooring. It can elevate the whole look in an instant and comes with a plethora of many other benefits! Read more about wood flooring here: 

1. Enhance the Way Your Home Looks

Wood flooring has this inherent quality of adding warmth and class to every type of decor theme. The natural beauty of the flooring goes a long way from a great first impression, adding character to your home to making the space look bigger. It is versatile enough to blend with every shade and every little decor item such as mirrors, art, and indoor plants that you have in your space. Wood flooring is pleasing to the eyes and never goes out of style. Moreover, it’s a great way to make your home more inviting for your guests too!

2. Manageable Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, wood flooring is neither very easy nor very difficult to maintain. Regular cleaning can be done with simple sweeping and wiping. But because wood flooring is not water-friendly, precautions need to be taken before installing them in areas that involve water. Otherwise, there is no significant effort required when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. If there is a minor spill somewhere, a simple wipe can do the task.

3. Durability is No Issue

Wood flooring is durable and goes on to look the same for years. This quality of wood flooring is one of the main reasons why people revamp their homes with it. The easy-to-maintain factor coupled with durability makes it even more appealing. This hard floor can take it all - easy dents, bruises, and scratches without any real trouble. A little care is all that it needs. 

This is a suitable and wise option for someone who is planning to revamp their home for the long term. It is less likely to be damaged, and thus it saves you the cost of repairing and renovating. 

4. Beauty Doesn’t Fade

Along with the structure, the charm of wood flooring also doesn’t wash away for years. The shine remains as it is to make your home a gorgeous place. Because the appearance remains steady, hardwood floors are a preferred option by homeowners. This is a huge benefit as the cost to refinish is significantly lower than buying and installing new flooring.

Talking about the charm and all-things-nice related to wood flooring must have left you wondering the greatness of this flooring option. But there is something you, as a buyer, should know and consider before finalizing this for your space. 

Wood flooring is not easy to install. It is an extensive process to source them and put them in your home - it is heavy, bulky, and a bit costly too. 

What’s the Alternative? 

Due to the growing popularity of the timeless elegance of hardwood floors and the complicated installation processes, there is an influx of technologically advanced flooring that looks like wood but is made of stone polymer composite in reality.

Click-N-Lock tiles by Welspun Flooring have all the beauty of wood flooring in the Click-N-Lock Tiles range with wooden finishing combined with an extremely easy installation process, strength, and durability. It is hard to go wrong with these tiles for your home revamping purposes. These tiles come in various designs and finishes that can suit any space. Check out the Welspun Flooring website to know more and explore a wide range of exquisite designs.

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