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Safe Flooring Option for Your Kids

Safe Flooring Option for Your Kids

Published on 19 March 2021, 03:11:06 AM

Floors are an integral part of every household, and giving them apt attention can enhance your entire home’s look and feel. Floors tend to take a considerable amount of pressure routinely, especially if there are toddlers in your house. But the threat is not one-way - making a bad flooring call can hurt your children too.

That is why installing safe flooring in your home is pivotal, to keeping the floor in good condition and the children safe. How can it be done? How can you install the best safe flooring options to prepare a child-secure environment in your house? The blog will answer the question, so read through to understand how to install safe flooring in your home and even at playschool.

Best Safe Flooring Options for Child-Safe Homes and Nurseries


Carpets are one of the best safe flooring options due to their soft, comfortable texture. Even if your baby falls on the ground, the safe carpet flooring will not end up bruising them. If possible, try installing a natural-fibre carpet, but if it is too expensive, you can opt for low-VOC synthetic carpets too. Welspun houses a wide range of carpet tiles, which are easy to install & maintain, exquisite looking and fade-resistant with sound insulation properties, making them an ideal choice. These carpet tiles are India’s first antiviral* flooring solution that kills up to 99.98% of viruses* and ensures your and your kids’ safety and hygiene.

Stone Polymer Composite

Stone polymer composite flooring is one of the latest additions to the list of safe flooring for children. Welspun has got the finest SPC collection in the form of Click N Lock Tiles, which are perfect for playschools, homes, and other designated spaces for kids. They are easy to install because of their unique Wel-lock technology that allows the tiles to lock against one another using a unique sliding mechanism and can be laid on the existing floor without any dust or noise. And the fact that it is grout-free prevents germs from accumulating between the tiles. These tiles also have anti-viral* and anti-microbial* properties. Other benefits include waterproof, termite-resistant, flame-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-proof. 


Cork flooring is one of the best safe flooring options in 2021 as it is antimicrobial* and anti-allergic. Cork flooring offers warmth, softens the impact, and oozes unmatched comfort, making it an ideal flooring choice for your kid’s room. If the idea of cork flooring doesn't bode well with you, there are numerous other flooring alternatives you can check out at Welspun. From eco-friendly flooring to wall-to-wall carpets, you can get several advanced and durable flooring solutions that are child-friendly as well.

Having toddlers roam around the home is a merry sight, but an unsafe flooring choice can hinder it. Installing safe flooring in your home or playschool benefits both the flooring and the children.

Make the best call and look for something that enables a safe environment for your children and prevents them from unnecessary damage. Do proper research for your safe flooring options and go for brands like Welspun that are not only affordable but also offer assured quality. 

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