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Setting Up Home Office with Creative Floor And Wall Decor Combinations

Setting Up Home Office with Creative Floor And Wall Decor Combinations

Published on 08 November 2021, 03:31:13 PM

Ever since the world was hit by the pandemic, working from home became the new norm forcing everyone to adapt to the big change. More and more people are choosing to work from home because of the convenience whereas many are hesitant to get back to public places. With the big change, while some have gotten used to it, many miss the professional spaces of the office that would motivate them to stay focused at work.

Homes cannot be offices but you can surely make it feel professional enough to be able to work by setting up home office space. Here are some clever floor and wall decor combos for setting up a home office that is just about guaranteed to boost your creativity, and productivity.

Wall and floor aesthetics

Office spaces should be open enough and should not feel like a confined spaces. You might have a small room at your place which you want to use for office purposes, but it doesn’t need to feel small. With light wall colors, you can bring that effect to your room as open spaces often help in being creative. Similarly, when you are setting up a home office, make sure that the floor is not slippery or tiled. You can very well use carpets or anti-slip carpet tiles. This will not only keep your chair in place but will also make you comfortable while walking around the room when you are on a call with your client.

Light It Up

Letting in some light and working in a brighter environment will help your mind to stay relaxed and think better. When setting up a home office make sure the space gets enough light so that it makes you feel less overwhelmed. It is also less harmful to the eyes to work with some light around rather than keeping the room dark. Try to fill the space with as much natural light as possible. This will better reflect with the light wall colors which you have selected for your home office. This combo will always refresh, inspire and cheer you up. You will feel more alive and in tune with nature and will be able to work better and for longer.


Style it Up

Sure your home office is meant for serious business, but no one said it cannot reflect your sense of style and substance. So, when setting up a home office, rather than making your workspace look like an actual office cubicle, you should glam it up to your taste. Experiment to find out what suits you, but remember your home office should look chic rather than boring and lifeless. You can try creative flooring along with putting up a bookshelf on the wall. Bookshelves will always inspire you to learn more, which will help in your career as well as be a hobby.

Go Green

When we say go green, we mean to introduce nature to your room. How about if you can have a feeling of walking on the grass while doing your work? Well, that is possible with the artificial grass in your home office. With Welspun’s Greens, you will feel more connected to nature as it looks like natural grass and can easily handle more foot traffic. With big windows for letting natural air inside the room and natural-looking grass, it is going to contribute to your thinking ability while working.


Tidy Up

Often, when setting up a home office, you don’t need to shell out new rugs, plants, and furnishings as a means of boosting creativity and productivity. Your goals can instead be achieved by keeping your home office space clean and organized. Everything should be clean and orderly, while clutter should be kept to a minimum.


Art is the way to your heart

Fill the room with color by filling the walls with all sorts of art. This can take the form of paintings, mosaics, sculptures, and whatever else appeals to your fancy when setting up a home office. There’s just something about art that motivates and inspires and having them in your home office is bound to trigger a spike in your creativity and productivity.


Look for balance

When setting up a home office, remember that your home office should be welcoming, otherwise, you will not want to head there and work. However, care should be taken to not make the place so welcoming that all you feel is an overwhelming urge to nap.

Your home office should be cozy enough to feel safe, comfortable, and functional, but not so much that it replaces your bedroom. Go for light colors on the walls, supportive seats, throw carpets or rugs on the floor. You can even opt for a minimalistic approach for your home office, which will accommodate more things in confined spaces. 

Welspun Flooring can guide you with making houses and office spaces the best they can be. Comfortable, stylish, unique, it could be anything your heart desires!

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