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Stunning Home Remodelling & Renovation Ideas for Your Next Project

Stunning Home Remodelling & Renovation Ideas for Your Next Project

Published on 19 May 2022, 11:26:08 AM

Moving into a new home can be both an exciting as well as a daunting experience. On one hand, you are given an opportunity to try something new in terms of interiors. But, at the same time, you have tonnes of work to do that’s going to be physically as well as mentally exhausting.

How do you get started on this massive task ahead of you? And what elements should you be focussing on first? There are two ways of approaching this. You can either make some tweaks to your already existing interior items and furniture, or you can start afresh and get your home a total revamp and a completely new vibe.

Here are some creative ideas to help you get started on the interior project for your living spaces.

  • Change the look of your bathroom

    Renovating the bathroom can increase the style quotient of your house tenfolds. You can make your bathroom stylish and luxurious by using aesthetic lighting and mirrors on the walls. You may also use some cool curtaining work and floor tiles to enhance the look and feel of the entire space.

  • Get creative with recycling

    You can get started on several DIY projects across your home to give it an enhanced look and stylish makeover. You can upgrade your garden area, living room and even kitchen with some fancy recycled jars and bottles. DIY projects can be a great stressbuster as well and can bring the whole family together in the stressful times of renovation.

  • Stick to the 80/20 rule

    80/20 rule is a standard concept across several fields and it's no different in interior design as well. This basically means keeping 80% of the colours, themes, palettes and materials in tune with your personal style and taste. For the rest 20% of work, you can get totally creative and get some quirky works done to jazz up the space.

  • Form over Function

    Having products just for the sake of look is not a wise thing to do. You can instead have products in your home that are multifunctional and are more than a showpiece. Getting multipurpose fittings and furnishing items is one of the best examples of the same.

  • Being Eco Friendly

    People are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their interior decisions. This is a fast-catching trend and you can also opt for sustainable and recycled products for your home interiors. One such switch can be made with flooring by using Welspun Flooring's Click-N-Lock Tiles. preserving the environment. Welspun has a wide range of items that will appeal to the environmentally conscious side of you.

  • Don't ignore the importance of natural textures

    You can create great green spaces inside your homes and even add artificial grass and indoor plants to bridge the gap between the nature and interiors of your homes. You can also experiment with natural themed colours and bring serenity to your home.

  • Add carpets

    Why stick to the old-fashioned tiles when you can experiment with the extensive range of Welspun’s flooring solutions. You can check out a wide variety of carpet tiles and other flooring solutions that can enhance the look and appeal of your house. There are various options and themes available for each of your rooms with which you can elevate your house.

  • Configuration

    Before getting started on the design works of your home, get a list of things that you need to complete on priority. Check if the changes that you want go with your style and if they suit the style and mood of your home. While getting the new house sorted, the practicality should be a foremost checkpoint. Don’t make design choices just because they are in trend. Your home should be an extension of your personality. 

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