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The best guide for choosing the right outdoor tiles design for your home

The best guide for choosing the right outdoor tiles design for your home

Published on 23 December 2021, 10:24:51 AM

For a home, the outdoors is as important as the indoors. Therefore, it is very crucial to plan for your outdoor décor wisely. And, for that choice, the right flooring options for outdoors is one of the most important parts when choosing the right pattern and patterns for outdoor tiles. Nowadays, natural stone is a highly preferred option for outdoor patio and deck. The earthy colors and some amazing textures of natural stones level up your outdoor aesthetic game and will lift the outdoor tiles design for your home.

Décor, being the major element in any renovation or construction, one could get various outdoor tiles design options which include, Porcelain tiles, Natural stone tiles, and Cement tiles are a few of the highly recommended choices to get a highly impeccable outdoors. With all the variants in the market, there comes confusion of what to buy.

Below given are a few of the factors that can be taken into consideration while deciding upon the right outdoor tiles design for your home.


  1. Location and foot traffic: This is an extremely important factor that needs your attention while selecting the right material. Outdoor areas usually are prone to heavy foot traffic and therefore it is recommended to use tiles that are heavy-duty and can take up a load of heavy foot traffic. For that using natural stone tiles can be preferred for outdoor tiles design.

  2. Colors – Keep it in sync: To level up your outdoor tiles design always try to use the tiles in either matching or contrasting colors. You can go for the pavement tiles that match the wall paint or else you could choose from some neutral and warm colors like browns, greys, whites, and blacks that can add a subtle look to your outdoors. In addition to this, for contrasting colors, one could go for the unlimited variants of natural stone that are usually in some amazing patterns and beautiful colors.

  3. Surroundings play a major role: Being focused and clear about the surroundings of your house can make an impact on your decision. One should notice the temperature and climate change around the place and keeping this in mind, choose an outdoor tile design that favors climate change. You would never want to end up selecting cold textured tiles for cold temperature areas and warm for heated and warm temperatures.

  4. Cost and Budget: The cost factor is the most crucial one while building a home. Look out for more and more options keeping an eye on their cost and balancing your budget alongside. However, one should also not compromise on the quality to get cheap prices. Choose an outdoor tiles design that suits your preferences, style, and most importantly your budget.

  5. Light and visual appeal: Dark-colored tiles usually make the space gloomy and make the space a shady area. While selecting light color tiles will add up to the space and bring in more light to make the outdoor area look bigger and more spacious. Thus, select light-colored tiles for outdoor tiles design if you're outdoors doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. But if that’s the case, one should opt for the dark tiles that won’t get direct sunlight to your home.

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind, choose an outdoor tiles design that would look impeccable and eye-pleasing. Always, remember the first impression is the last impression, and your outdoors is the very first place your guests will land onto. With Welspun Flooring, get the best options to make outdoor tiles designs you have always dreamt of.

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