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The Classic Victorian Flooring Tiles Design is Trending Even Today

The Classic Victorian Flooring Tiles Design is Trending Even Today

Published on 15 November 2021, 09:09:24 AM

The Victorian aesthetic for some people can feel a little over the top, it’s an amalgamation of classical and romantic elements. While these Victorian tiles give a sleek, elegant finish, it's debatable if the aesthetic would match the durability.  

Victorian flooring tiles designs do light up the room and they are usually a pattern or a geometric design with a modern twist. Victorian tiles are expensive to install and require care. These flooring tiles were used to adorn medieval churches, homes of the aristocracy, monasteries and they evoked a sense of grandeur. 

Let's learn more about Victorian Tiling in depth! 


Is it the Old World Charm That We're Attracted to? 

Since Victorian tiles date back to more than a century, is it the vintage, traditional appearance that pleases modern times? Homeowners are embracing patterned, geometric flooring tiles designs which light up the room. Looking at a more minimalistic angle, people choose a selection of shapes, bright colours and hues which go perfectly well with a plain wall, making the room stand out and look captivating. These are some of the flooring tiles design with old-world charm:

1. Hexagon tiles

Large or small patterns of hexagon-shaped flooring tiles design gives a more traditional Victorian look, which is still prominently seen in modern homes. 

2. Geometric tiles

The geometric flooring tiles designs give a more contemporary finish as compared to the hexagon tiles. Be it black and white checkered tile, or multi-coloured patterns, geometric tiles are mostly seen to adorn bathroom spaces. 

Where is the Flooring Tiles Design Commonly Used? 

Since Victorian flooring tiles design brings out the look of grandeur and the decorative accents of the pattern complement the space, the infusion of the tiles gives the room a harmonious finish. These flooring tiles designs were commonly used in the Victorian era and lined verandahs, hallways, bathrooms, common areas, bedrooms and more. Whereas due to the expensive cost of installing Victorian tiles, now people adorn their rooms and bathrooms with these flooring designs. 

The Victorian flooring tiles design can be simple & classic, lively & elegant, bold & charming, it all depends on the type of pattern, colour hues, and the space you choose.


A Worthy Comeback? 

Victorian flooring tiles designs have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, largely due to the contemporary style designs that give the home a distinct and varied personality. The installation of Victorian tiles is a time-consuming and expensive procedure but the final look does justice to it. It's suitable for exterior and interior flooring. It is a worthy comeback as the Victorian flooring tiles design range is made up of separate elements, which when combined create beautiful and elaborate patterns, and also open possibilities to explore and invent. 


Giving it a modern twist 

The classic nature of Victorian flooring tiles design makes it a unique choice in the present day. The range of individual elements to pick from, inspired by Victorian aesthetic gives a distinct personality to your space. However, it might be a little difficult to fit the elegance, beauty and sophistication of Victorian tiles with the practicality of today’s world. Victorian flooring tiles design is not going out of trend anytime soon, and the varied colour palette can be a perfect match for the modern and contemporary aesthetics as well. The authentic and unique look gives a timeless touch to your home. 


The Difficulties of Victorian Tiles 

Along with the advantages of Victorian tiles such as being durable, versatile, aesthetically pleasing and more, the disadvantages should be kept in mind as well. The tile flooring will not be able to absorb heat well, which means it'll be quite cold during winter. The flooring tiles design is also heavy, which means it is not the best choice for upper-story installations

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