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The shocking appeal of black and white tiles

The shocking appeal of black and white tiles

Published on 23 December 2021, 10:31:21 AM

Colors are a vivid part of our life which even affects our mood. Bright colors always make us feel lively whereas dull colors make us feel a bit lazy. With a palette of colors available, there are two colors, which have always been in demand. Black and white are those all-time classic colors, which never run out of trend. These two basic colors always represent class and style which is why their combo can be seen in various architectural wonders. It has been the preferred choice of artists and speaks a lot about your character.

With the new age, people are going back in time and are adopting these colors in their home decor as well. One of the major reasons why black and white tiles are being extensively used is that it goes well with any other color combinations. Be it your wall colors or any flooring type, this combo is known to compliment anything around it. There are various combinations that you can create using black and white tiles, some of which are mentioned below:


  1. Chessboard - Quite a popular black and white tiles design which has been there for quite some time. As popular as the chess game, this design gives a different aura to the space where installed and even becomes a playground for kids who like to jump on alternate colors while playing.
  2. Beehives - With black and white tiles you can create a beehive with hexagonal tiles. This is something you can even combine with grey tiles to create a separation from other tiles to showcase the beehive.
  3. Geometric designs - Hexagons, squares, circles, and many more geometric styles you can create using black and white tiles. With the color combination, it is quite easy yet elegant to create these shapes as they are simple, but at the same time provide a classy look to your room.
  4. Waveforms - With the help of black and white tiles, you can even create waves. These tiles can be designed in the waveforms in your bathroom giving it a unique ambiance. You can give your bathroom a different look, matching it aptly with your other flooring options installed in your bedroom.
  5. 3-D designs - Black and white tiles when combined in the right way create a hallucination effect. When set up in a specific way, they often create an illusion of 3-D design which makes you feel like walking on an uneven floor. However, it is not exactly like that but gives your space a distinct feel, especially the hallways.

It is not just the first choice of first-time home builders, black and white tiles popularity has grown even for renovating the places. If you have your house walls colored in white, the combination of black and white tiles is going to give your home a royal look. This is something you can get praised for, for your choice in tiles and their color combinations. Welspun flooring can help you achieve this combination in various types of tiles like carpet tiles, wall-to-wall carpet tiles, and Click-N-Lock tiles. You can visit the website and have a look at the characteristics of these tiles and make an informed decision for your next home decor ideas.

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