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Tiles That Make Your Room Look Bigger

Tiles That Make Your Room Look Bigger

Published on 21 May 2021, 11:53:09 AM

Classic hues to contemporary furnishings and starlit plafond, transforming a walled room into a living space requires much thought and understanding. But one area that the owner tends to ignore or forget to take under the designer lens is flooring. Open, airy rooms are every owner’s fantasy, and flooring plays a significant role in achieving that. When selecting tiles for bedroom, large, small, or penny size, the ones you choose fully determine how you can make that space look bigger. 

Interior designers, architects, and real estate builders present before you a catalogue of phenomenal ideas for your perfect living experience. However, you can be your own expert just by understanding how tiling selection can amplify your bedroom size. Amazed, right? Scroll down and read through these tips about tiles that can make your room look bigger. So, keep your measuring tape and colour card ready while hand-picking tiles for bedroom.  

  • Large Format Tiles

Whether the room is small or big, large format tiles for bedroom will make it look bigger. How? The concept says that when the eyes see larger objects, the brain directly associates them to larger spaces. Call it a trick on your eyes or the right tile selection, large format tiles give an impression of increased space that looks available and ample. Next time you visit a flooring unit, don’t shy at picking those big tiles for bedroom. Larger the tiles, the easier the maintenance required. So, if your bedroom whispers small, going big will impress all!


  • Glossy Tiles

If your bedroom lacks sheen and is devoid of sunlight, then glossy tiles are the ones that come to the rescue. These lustrous fits illuminate your bedroom with their reflective nature, making it look bigger and brighter. Consider glossy tiles for bedroom, the best option for smaller spaces with less room for natural light. The cherry on the cake is the slippery nature of these tiles that allows easy cleaning. Just one swipe, and the floor is spick and span. However, if you are not a gloss fan, go for a slight sheen or metallic finish for a better trade-off. 


  • Light and Lesser Grout Play 

As we spoke of large format tiles earlier, another benefit these biggies craft in magnifying bedroom space is fewer grout lines. Too many grout lines make the room look busy and clustered. When selecting tiles for bedroom, you need to look for patterns that are relaxing and easy on the eyes. Reduce grout play with big tiles, and your bedroom instantly speaks space. Experts suggest opting for light coloured grout (matching the tiles’ colour family) that blends with the floor altogether, without drawing attention to individual tiles. Well, reduced grout also means less upkeep. Remember, the illusion is an impression of increased space and light grout play blends and disappears within the surface. 


  • Colour Code – Light or Dark 

When it comes to the light/dark theory, designers today suggest experimentation when it comes to choosing colours of the tiles for bedroom. The impact of floor colour shines depending on the colours used throughout the room. Bold colours reflect modern aesthetics and create depth, but only if paired correctly with cool shades on walls and ceiling. On the contrary, pale tile shades are a hit, especially with colours like white, cream, beige, and grey. Why? Easy, natural tones give the illusion of space and make the room look lighter and brighter. Consider seeking professional advice for colour mixing to palette the right tone. 


  • Flooring Pattern

When you step into your bedroom, the first physical interaction with space is through floors. Why compromise with less when ample comes with the pattern. Go diagonal or diamond with design. When the floor starts with diagonal lines, the eyes are drawn to the pattern’s widest part. The placement looks bigger, and so does the room. Similarly, a diamond pattern helps make a statement with walls through no confined boundaries. The rule of thumb is tricking the eyes into perceiving bigger space through transcendent design. 


  • Material and Design Details

Your bedroom is your luxury cocoon, and design speaks that language aptly. We are talking about tiles for bedroom and cannot miss out on the designs available. Love the hardwood look? Consider installing ceramic wood tile for its durability, scratch and moisture resistance. Want to feel more space? Amplify the effect with marble or ceramic/porcelain tiles. Likewise, think big with planks that stretch vision far and wide. Long story short, tile design and placement is another golden key for making your room look bigger. 

Working in small spaces can be a little overwhelming, but don’t let that feeling get you down. Using the right tiles for bedroom can get your space talking and how. Talk to professionals for expert advice on tile installation in smaller spaces. Explore and observe what’s best. Gain confidence and ace your space with perfect floors.

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