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Tips to Enhance Your Bedroom Floor and Wall Decor

Tips to Enhance Your Bedroom Floor and Wall Decor

Published on 08 November 2021, 02:01:20 PM

A bedroom is a place where you should feel at ease. This room is meant for your relaxation, where you can rest and let your entire day’s hustle fade away. Thus, it is quite important to design this room in a way that the decor uplifts your mood as soon as you enter the room. Now, there are lots of ways to enhance your bed room wall decore and make you fall in love with that place. Few of the important ways in which you can do this for your bed room wall decore are detailed below:


  • Manipulate color to make your bedroom look bigger and brighter: Bedrooms are of various sizes, but it is okay to want them looking bigger than they are. Rather than knocking down the walls, you can achieve this effect via the skillful use of light color in your bed room wall decore. Yes you heard it right! Just by simply painting your bedroom in light colours, it will feel more spacious and bigger. Colors like light blue, green, and off-white can help you achieve this splendid effect in a more subtle way.


  • Try Decorative Panelling: Enhancement of your bedroom can also be achieved through decorative wall panelling. These options are available in a reassuring array of colours and textures. This will complement the overall setup of your bed room wall decore just to a believable degree. Panelling does require some care to ensure it lasts as long as the manufacturer intended. However, it’s worth it for the way it transforms your room.


  • Wallpapers: This is the most used and preferred option to transform your room. With different wallpaper styles available, you can easily achieve the desired decor to your bedroom. There’s no end to what can be featured on these wallpapers, no end to their shape and colour, and no end to what they can do for your bed room wall decore. Spend some time going through the available textures and choose one that‘s good for luscious daydreams and everything else you are passionate about. Your bed room wall decore sure needs this expenditure of time and effort. You can have tropical, patterned, or even minimalistic.


  • Minimalistic approach: When you can make a huge difference with small changes, why go for some decor ideas which might just fill up your space. With the minimalistic decor approach, various things can be put together when not in use, to save you space in your bedroom. A clean bedroom with a limited amount of decoration will be worthy of giving you the right feel, which you expect from a bedroom. Do this and you will speedily notice a positive effect in your bed room wall decore.
  • The Underappreciated Importance of Lighting: Natural light is often being neglected when it comes to giving your room a better liveable experience. Natural light is preferred wherever possible and this can be achieved via large windows that make the whole place one with the outdoors. If natural lighting is not possible because of the home location, you can always go ahead and use light color combinations for floor and bed room wall decore. You can avail this option in transforming your bed room wall decore into your vision of what it should be.


  • Try rugs for your floor: Rugs are meant to provide comfort to your feet, especially in winters. Rugs add color, warmth, and solidness and are one of the best, cheapest, and easiest decorative effects. Rugs can be added complementing your  bed room wall decore and interior as per your taste and preference and enhance bed room wall decore . 

At Welspun Flooring we are very much interested in making your bedroom as appealing and comfortable as possible. Have a look at what we are offering in terms of flooring. Feel free to let us know how we can help you in making your bed room more appealing with the right combination of bed room floor and wall decor.


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