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Transform your home with these beautiful floor remodelling Ideas

Transform your home with these beautiful floor remodelling Ideas

Published on 22 July 2021, 11:07:12 AM

People are more exposed to the global home interior trends and are willing to keep up with the art and style. What seems good tomorrow, you might find it monotonous today. That is when you want to go for a home remodelling. When it comes to the remodelling of your house, floor remodelling is the best place to start. A little texture, little colour tricks, and a bit of character to the flooring can make a world of difference to your space. There are many types of flooring options to explore. If you are inclined towards a particular floor remodelling idea there are a few features you need to consider like durability, budget, installation cost, texture, and comfort. Apart from these, it is important to choose flooring which is stain or scratch-resistant and waterproof. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best ideas of floor remodelling without a lot of hassle. 

Floor remodelling designs for the living room that grown-ups and kids will both love. 

The living room is the most commonly used space in the house. It is the most sociable space. Whether there is a social gathering, a family get-together, or just an evening full of regular activities, the living room floor should always be steady to hold a huge capacity of restless activities. It is a free space where the family shares food and conversation and the kids and pets get to live their most candid moments. So locking down the place for floor remodelling will be a difficult task. Go for Welspun’s easy to install Click N Lock tiles that can be installed in a few hours which is capable of holding on to years of regular foot traffic. It is stain-resistant and waterproof. The spills are easy to clean and also come in various textures and colours. For the living room, stone finish tiles from their Aristo collection will be perfect. It is rock hard as a stone and light as a feather. You can choose the variation of colour shades and textures that compliments your wall colour and furniture.



If you are planning to remodel your bedroom the first thing you will notice is the flooring, isn't it? The overall design matters but it’s the flooring that steals the show. The vibe that it creates with comfort and texture to your bedroom's floor remodelling needs more thought. Thinking about the subtle charm of wooden textures, you can consider wooden flooring for your bedroom. But if you want a natural wood looking tile, then a perfect example would be Welspun’s Click N Lock tiles in wood finish. These tiles do not trigger any allergies and are also durable and strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear of various degrees. 

For the bedroom, wooden texture will be a perfect blend of sophistication & simplicity and will be a natural retreat from the chaos of the outside world. 


Playroom for kids 

From scribblings to spilled liquids and scattered food, no flooring of any other room takes such hard beating as a toddler’s playroom. This is the reason you need floor remodelling that will prevent falls for your kids, is stain resistant, and fun to maintain. Easy-to-install carpet tiles by Welspun will work excellently for playroom flooring. The kids will enjoy carpet tiles since you can mix and match with the colours and textures to create interesting patterns. They are easy to maintain. Simply a vacuum cleaner is enough to maintain the flooring. An area rug is a perfect way to protect the floors. It is a comfortable floor covering and can also be easily changed. It is a versatile choice as it comes in many design options. 


Sanctuary of greens for your balcony 

Even at home, we crave the connection with nature. But it is not always possible to grow a garden inside the house. Balcony is our only chance to inspire some greens in our house. The balcony has always held a special place in our house. A tour of your balcony doesn't matter how big or small it is, it can freshen up your mind. It is a welcome spot for the house. If you choose the correct flooring even a modest balcony can turn into a tranquil spot. If you are staying in an apartment, gardening or watering real grass will take a backseat. But that should not stop you from creating magic with your balcony space if you go for the correct flooring approach. A cosmetic layer of artificial turf or grass flooring on your balcony floor will lend a few moments of calmness. Enjoy all-weather greenery with Welspun’s Greens without having to water and fertilize the grass. It is easy to maintain and requires no mowing, weeding or patching. 


Floor remodelling needs a wide spread of options in colour and texture. To be sure you need to browse through varieties of options and then settle for the best. Welspun’s floor remodelling products like carpet tiles and artificial grass reflect a worldwide taste. Be it any room in your house, you can always vouch for Welspun’s products that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Check out their amazing collection here.


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