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Wall to wall carpeting: Everything you need to know

Wall to wall carpeting: Everything you need to know

Published on 30 June 2021, 01:31:54 PM

Walking barefoot in your room on a soft and plush carpet provides you with a feeling of comfort that nothing else can. Putting your first step after waking up on the cold floor isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. To end this, a wall-to-wall carpet is an ideal fit to bless you with the warmth and coziness from their built-in insulation and turn your space into heaven. Also known as “Fitted Carpets”, it aims at covering your entire space in mostly one long piece, creating a seamless look in return.

Is wall-to-wall carpet the right choice?

Flooring is an undeniably important choice when it comes to designing your interior. As comfort and functionality are becoming major parts of everyone’s life, your choice of flooring can beautify or destroy your project. The floor can be considered your first physical interaction within a space and it even accounts for a major part of the budget. You don’t want to go wrong with this one! From carpet tiles to wall-to-wall carpet, all you need to do is make an informed decision. The practical benefits and acoustic properties of this flooring option are such that you can’t go wrong with them.

It’s Safe

The soft feel of the carpet underneath your feet doesn’t only provide you comfort but also cushions your floor. Made up of superior quality Nylon yarn, wall-to-wall carpeting nowadays is known for its resilience and sturdiness. The unmatched plushness of the material and the height the woven thread piles provide are perfect to prevent accidental slips. With the advancement in technology, fibers have been created in a way to trap dust, pollen, and pet dander. There are products available that have been made with advanced antiviral technology that eliminates viruses, making them the ideal choice for your daily routine.

It’s Cozy

With a variety of qualities in terms of materials, and acoustic-dampening properties, wall to wall carpets are a great choice when it comes to cutting down on noise and providing you with the perfect heat-insulated environment. The design is paramount to a room’s temperature and the padded underside works as the perfect noise-cancellation tool.

It’s Attractive

The colours, patterns, or designs of the wall to wall carpets are rapidly advancing. With a wide variety of qualities to choose from, they are being designed accordingly to meet the requirements of the clients. If you can imagine it, you can walk on it. The specific pattern and colour selection amplify the visual result and allow the customers to accommodate any budget without sacrificing any value or service. Ranging from solid to printed variety, the customized designs of the wall to wall carpets provide the best visual effect and give you the largest selection of colours and patterns.

It’s Superior

Constructed by special spinning techniques, these wall to wall carpet flooring are easy to clean and provide a distinct look to any room. They provide a superior underfoot feel and a superior touch of warmth that you can feel while moving around it. They can be designed to stay directly on subfloors, however often they are set on the flooring and hooked up using tiny tacks.

Other noticeable features include:

  • Widest Variety

  • Attractive Acoustic

  • Easy to Wash

  • Inflammable

  • Colour Retention

  • Durability

  • Endurance

  • Sustainable

Wall to wall carpets have experienced reappearance in the market. A great project is the result of good communication between planners, clients, and suppliers. Welspun can be one of the players and can facilitate you with various flooring options. With a wide variety of design options, they are here to help clients create their dream look without much hassle.

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