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Welspun Antiviral* Soft Flooring: Safeguard your health with floors that protect

Welspun Antiviral* Soft Flooring: Safeguard your health with floors that protect

Published on 10 March 2021, 08:27:01 AM

As the pandemic continues like these past few months; the precautions and steps needed to be taken to maintain our health and well-being have become a life-saving conversation. In this new normal, offices and commercial spaces must transform into safe spaces for their patrons. A key element for the creation of safe spaces is – Healthy Floors.

More than just regular flooring, they are designated to play an important role in protecting the health and wellbeing of employees and customers by actively aiding the elimination of germs and viruses from their surface. As the largest surface that we’re constantly interacting with, the healthy floors contribute a great deal to our overall health by curtailing the spread of viruses and keeping us safe.

Flooring Solution for the New Normal

Bearing this in mind, Welspun Flooring introduces Antiviral* Soft Flooring, an effective flooring solution inclusive of Carpet Tiles as well as Wall to Wall Carpet that fights viruses*. Designed specifically for offices and commercial spaces, this range of Antiviral* Soft Flooring creates robust spaces with healthy floors that safeguard your health in the new normal.


Create with Care. Certified to Protect.

In our quest to create healthy floors, we have tested the Antiviral* Soft Flooring as per ISO18184 standard and have had them certified by ResInnova Labs, USA ( an International Antimicrobial* Council certified establishment). The antiviral* flooring uses the chemistry of silver ion and reaction mass titanium oxide to create a coating for the carpet fibres that inhibit the growth and transmission of viruses* by more than 99.68%.

To further ensure that viruses* don’t continue to live on the flooring and to provide maximum protection, the treated surface of Antiviral* Soft Flooring eliminates viruses* within two hours as opposed to non-treated surfaces such as wood where the human coronavirus is known to stay on for up to four days.

Creating safe spaces to help you do more

In the new normal, use of layers such as masks and hazmat suits has kept us protected from the onslaught of COVID-19. As drivers of change, Welspun Flooring has played its part in producing a range of healthy floors by adding a layer of antiviral* protection to its soft flooring that actively fights the pandemic. Welspun Antiviral* Soft Flooring is certified to safeguard your health and protect you at work or at events, so you can continue being creative and productive in your space.

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