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Welspun Flooring Wall to Wall Carpet Tiles – The Essence of Hospitality Spaces

Welspun Flooring Wall to Wall Carpet Tiles – The Essence of Hospitality Spaces

Published on 10 March 2021, 08:27:33 AM

Theatres, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, convention centres, and clubs – every day, they set the floor for grand events, memorable moments, and defining experiences that celebrate the indomitable human spirit.

Interior design in hospitality is all about creating spaces with a distinct personality yet harmonious vibe that makes people want to stay and make grand events come to life. And there is no better way to do that than with Welspun Flooring Wall to Wall hospitality carpet tiles

With vivid colours, comfort and design, our Wall to Wall hospitality carpet tiles enthral people from the moment they step in through the doors.


Diverse inspirations for vibrant designs

Designers can dictate the vibe and use it for space with the seamless look and bold patterns of Wall to Wall Carpets. Our exclusive range of Wall to Wall hospitality carpet tiles is inspired by uncanny sources that splendidly compliment hospitality spaces. For example, inspired by eastern influences, the Origami and Wabi-Sabi range of hospitality carpet tiles showcase diverse styles interpreted on modern flooring design. Nature remains a powerful influence, with nature-inspired Texpressions Collection and Anthos Collection that replicates the colours and beauty of flowers.

Middle eastern architecture, design and culture inspire the Timeless Collection, whereas the lines and curves of modern architecture are firmly stamped on the Shapes Collection. Apart from these, a whole range of Welspun Flooring Wall to Wall hospitality carpet tiles draw inspiration from Indian traditional art forms. The diversity and range of our collections are all about delivering high-end aesthetics with large pattern repeats for a luxurious haven. Designers can also pick the colours, patterns and textures, or custom-order project-specific Wall to Wall Carpets to match the theme of the space.

Features That Elevate Your Hospitality Space

Maintenance and durability are keys to keeping spaces with Wall to Wall Carpets attractive for long periods. Welspun Flooring Wall to Wall Carpets is designed to overcome challenges like soiling and staining by being easy to clean, stain resistant, and fire retardant. They are also fade-resistant which helps them preserve their grace and make an elegant statement for several years.

Apart from this, the Wall to Wall hospitality carpet tiles is extremely plush, providing great underfoot comfort and reducing the strain caused by standing for long hours which is common to hospitality service. As a natural insulator, carpets retain heat, lessening energy, and heating costs in the long run. For projects where sound insulation is paramount, carpets absorb corridor floor noises by reducing surface noise generation and impact sound transmission.

Setting the Floor for an Unforgettable Experience

The role of interior design in hospitality is to create an uplifting atmosphere where relationships between the hosts and guests thrive. Designers can focus on creating aesthetic and affable spaces by anchoring the interior design on their chosen Wall to Wall Carpet. The Welspun Flooring Wall-to-Wall Carpets perfectly elevate hospitality environments by setting the floor for unforgettable experiences.

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