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What Are the Pros and Cons of Garden Floor Tiles?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Garden Floor Tiles?

Published on 28 July 2021, 07:26:55 PM

Are you someone who has an outdoor space and has been wondering about the ideal flooring solution to your dream of having a garden? The garden floor tiles market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Why shouldn’t it be when they are easy to use, do not need much maintenance, and are environmentally friendly? 

But every product, no matter how wonderful it is, has its own share of pros and cons. Let us find out if garden floor tiles do indeed live up to their reputation.

Pros of Garden Floor Tiles


Garden Floor Tiles have Pleasing Aesthetics

Be it rain, summer, or a pleasant winter, garden tiles are pleasing to the eyes in all weather conditions. Your garden will always be good-looking, and neat. Another plus is that if you go for artificial greens or garden floor tiles, they look natural and come in a variety of shades from green to golden. There are other varieties that have a rocky texture that accentuates the space with an earthy feel.

Garden Floor Tiles Require Low Maintenance

Garden floor tiles are low-maintenance in nature. Be it PVC tiles, or rectangular stone tiles, they are all easy to clean and do not require any special machinery or any kind of pesticides or fertilizers required in a natural garden. Your time must be spent enjoying the garden rather than maintaining it. 

No Worries about A Natural Garden

In the case of the installation of artificial grass, the owners do not have to be worried about mowing the lawn as it will not grow, unlike natural grass. They are environmentally friendly as they do not require constant watering. They not only save water but also save your money.

Garden Floor Tiles are Durable

They are extremely durable. They can withstand high foot traffic and extreme weather. They are pet-friendly as well as child-friendly. These are perfect if you are in the market for a very long-term solution. They do not fade in the heat as they are UV stabilized. 

Garden Floor Tiles are Versatile

Garden floor tiles are the solution for all kinds of outdoor spaces be it a patio, deck, poolside, gym, office, or penthouse. One solution for all kinds of outdoor and indoor flooring woes.


Cons of Garden Floor Tiles


Falls Could be Dangerous

Hard garden floors made of stone or PVC could be dangerous for objects and people as they could lead to injury or breakage in case of accidents. The floors could be slippery as well in case of wet weather conditions that could lead to injuries.

Good Quality Garden Floor Tiles Are Expensive

If you are looking to avoid trouble in the longer run, it is suggested to look for high-quality garden tiles. While these will have a higher cash outlay than the range of cheaper options available in the market, the longer-term benefits like durability, aesthetics, and low maintenance will far outweigh all the other products out there. 

Garden Floor Tiles can Get Extremely Hot and extremely cold

If you live in a location prone to extreme heat or cold, you may want to re-think getting artificial grass as it can get hot and may not be used without shoes.

Welspun Greens is the Next Best Alternative to Garden Tiles

The benefits of garden floor tiles far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are in the market to transform your space, look no further than Welspun Greens. Welspun green not only has some amazing color blends that resemble natural grass, but they are also extremely resilient in nature. Welspun green will retain its soft and cushioned feeling after years of usage and will not flatten out even with heavy traffic.

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