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What Costs are Involved in Tiling a Bathroom Floor?

What Costs are Involved in Tiling a Bathroom Floor?

Published on 09 November 2021, 01:35:53 PM

Tiling or re-tiling a bathroom has a lot of costs involved apart from the price of the tiles of the bathroom floor. While we know that tiles are a significant chunk of the price of installation of bathroom floor tiles, other costs that are involved in the preparation of the tiling project such as plumbing costs, electrical costs and labour charges must be considered as well. 

Certain factors are involved in the assessment of bathroom floor tiles price. Factors that you must be aware of when preparing for the project are as follows:


  • You must know the size of the bathroom. The size ultimately determines the overall material requirements and labour time. 


  • The type of tiles to be installed in the bathrooms. Essentially, you must know the budget of your project so that you can calculate the effective bathroom floor tiles price.


  • If it's a re-tiling project, then you must also add up the costs of the removal of the existing flooring.

The major costs that are involved in a tiling project to calculate the bathroom floor tiles price are as follows:

Labour Costs In The Bathroom Floor Tiles Price

Labour costs are quite variable depending on the location and the expertise of the labour. Even though you will find the labour in all price ranges, you must pick someone who has decent experience in tiling bathroom floors. Some labours would charge you on a per square feet basis versus others might charge on an hourly basis. It is best to request a written estimate before you begin the project. The cost of labour will also vary depending on the types of tiles such as ceramic, vinyl, or quarry stone tiles. 

Material Costs In The Bathroom Floor Tiles Price

Materials make up a big chunk of the costs involved in a tiling project. You will need to factor in the cost of the tiles, the cost of cement, and the water-proofing solution along with tools that the personnel might need to complete the installation. 

Cost Depends On The Size & Shape Of the Bathroom

As mentioned above, the size and shape of the bathroom are also essential inputs in determining the price of bathroom floor tiles. Installing large tiles should essentially cost less than a project where the size of the tiles is extremely small. Further, the shape of the bathroom would also determine the cost. A square or rectangular bathroom would cost less than a bathroom that is in a different shape. 

Other Costs To Consider For Bathroom Floor Tiles Price

Some other costs that could affect the total price of the bathroom floor tiles project are concrete bedding, logistics cost and silicon coating.

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