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What you should know about brick floor tiles

What you should know about brick floor tiles

Published on 27 December 2021, 06:19:03 AM

Brick is something that has been an undeniable part of any construction. It is everywhere and historical cities even have brick floors and walls. For people who are history enthusiasts and wish to recreate the authentic look in their homes, brick floor tile is the best option available. While the brick-shaped look became a hot trend for walls and backsplashes a few years back, it is now becoming a hot choice for flooring too. So, if you are thinking of selecting a brick floor tile for your home flooring, you might want to know everything related to it. Here is a list of some of the many aspects related to brick floor tiles:


  • Brick floor tile is comfortable- Although natural brick is an extremely popular option for interior and exterior applications, the installation of bricks for the flooring can prove harmful for your feet and back whenever you will have to stand for a long time. So, brick floor tile must be selected as a more comfortable and practical flooring option.
  • Brick floor tile is available in different materials- ranging from porcelain to ceramic, these tiles offer you durable and pocket-friendly alternatives. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are smart flooring options owing to their clean finish, low maintenance, and high durability. Adding to that, the natural look of brick floor tile becomes the perfect alternative for bricks.
  • Brick floor tile can be installed in a variety of ways- One of the major reasons behind the popularity of these tiles is the number of possibilities that are available with the design patterns. These tiles can either be installed in a multicolor fashion or a single tone. Other than colors, different combinations of the patterns of these tiles can be made and installed accordingly. Another smart way to install it in your home can be by using brick floor tiles of varying sizes and creating a pattern with them.
  • Brick floor tile is versatile- These tiles are usually made up of materials that are durable and flexible. These features of the brick floor tile make them a good choice for both the interior and exterior of your home. Being made up of porcelain it can be installed even in the driveways or walkways outside the house. This will provide a visually interesting and decked-up look to your yard and make your home look classier. 
  • Brick floor tile can be used for any setting- The tiles can be used for creating an ideal brick wall too. The installation of these tiles can be used for different purposes. Not only at home but the brick floor tile can enhance the overall look of your professional space too. These tiles can often be seen in restaurants, where they are used to make up their walls.

These are the number of ways in which you can use brick floor tile according to your preference. Welspun Flooring offers you an ideal tile collection that might just suit your flooring requirements. The collection, ranging in colors and design, has been inspired by the ever-trending tiling options that will never go out of style.

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