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Your guide to selecting the most welcoming floor for hotel lobby

Your guide to selecting the most welcoming floor for hotel lobby

Published on 22 July 2021, 03:53:23 PM

A hotel lobby flooring is one of the first things that a guest comes in contact with as soon as they step in. Every hotel flooring installation should be different. Particularly, the hotel lobby flooring has to be true to the particular brand because every brand has a unique identity and communicates differently to its consumers. A hotel lobby is one of the most critical spaces in the building as it is the face of the establishment. Choosing the design for hotel lobby flooring is a difficult and critical job.   

Carpet tiles

There are an endless number of people entering and leaving the premises. Guests track in a lot of dirt and dust from their shoes. In order to play it safe, you should opt for an option that will make the hotel lobby flooring look cleaner and elegant with less effort. Carpet tiles for hotel lobby flooring can create a visually striking introduction to your hotel. It is durable and easy to maintain. This means you won't have to stress your budget to refloor the hotel lobby for a long time. 


Why are carpet tiles a favoured choice?


  • High durability - Carpet tiles by Welspun are engineered in a way to reduce floor porosity that helps to trap dirt and sand. This feature is missed by many when deciding on flooring options. It can withhold a large amount of foot traffic and can also sustain heavy loads like luggage carts that are used to shift large accessories and features for decorative and service purposes for the hotel lobby flooring.  
  • Wide range of aesthetics - Every hotel lobby is not the same. Each one of them is different and is uniquely presented in alignment with their brand voice. There are multiple design possibilities you can choose from to customize the hotel lobby flooring that will brighten up and complement the hotel’s appeal. With such a wide range of options, you can explore your creativity with complete freedom. 
  • Remarkably easy to clean - Even though it accumulates dirt and dust every day, carpet tiles do not require a daily wash. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface otherwise a weekly wash-off is good enough to keep it hygienic. With low porosity on the layers, the dirt does not ground every time someone steps on the surface. You can even use a hard cleaning agent for cleaning purposes, it won't affect the glossy nature of the carpet tiles.

Wall-to-wall Carpets

When you start searching for hotel lobby flooring options, you will inevitably come across wall-to-wall carpets. These are exquisitely designed carpets made out of the finest yarn and come in rolls that are installed by professionals at the given site. Due to its high durability and luxurious finish, it’s the favourite flooring solution of the hospitality industry. Here are some of the striking features of wall-to-wall carpets that make them so special.

  1. Lush Texture: It gives the hotel lobby flooring a very plush and soft feeling. Not only this but wall-to-wall carpets also come in a variety of textures with fine quality yarn that creates marvellous colour fields enhancing the personality of an area.
  2. Seamless Finish: Since wall-to-wall carpets for commercial flooring come in large rolls, a single piece is often enough to cover the space. Even when you have multiple pieces, you can weld the joints chemically for a seamless finish.
  3. More Design Choices: Welspun’s wall-to-wall carpet designs are inspired by a variety of Indian art forms and one can opt for a design based on the interior of that space.
  4. Soundproof: The soundproofing offered by wall-to-wall carpets is truly unmatched. You won't feel the reverberation of someone walking at the other end of the room.
  5. Highly Durable: Built out of high-quality yarn, wall-to-wall carpets are resistant to staining and fading. It’s easy to maintain and retains its luxurious appeal for years


A hotel lobby is a huge space. Hotel lobby flooring needs designs that will cover the whole area uniformly without being monotonous. Welspun brings you a huge lineup of technically tested ultra-modern hotel lobby flooring designs to choose from that will speak volumes for your hotel brand. With a vast variety of textures and colours, you can create any aesthetic you want. The designs are powerful, stunning, and sophisticated. If you are willing to capture the immediate attention of your guests. You should explore Welspun flooring.

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