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The Design Story

Delivering great quality products to the customers is only half the job done. The true success of these global products lies in offering a fresh outlook that encompasses global cultures and their unique intricacies. At Welspun Flooring, our design team has taken this approach and developed enchanting designs that pave the way for what we call - a flooring revolution. Our flooring designs are inspired by cultures from all across the globe showcasing their vibrant and intricate craftwork. These products capture the design trends from all over the world giving your flooring a universal appeal. The Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi and origami, Indian art forms, and various natural elements are just some of the many design inspirations in our range of flooring solutions. Welspun's innovative line of products cater to a diverse range of flooring requirements and can lend any decor a touch of grace & opulence.

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