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Ideas for a Home Makeover That Are Both Simple and Elegant

Published on 12th December, 2021

In the past, homes had neutral exterior features and most of their decorations were focused on their interior. Such homes were known to have simple exteriors but stunning interiors, which made them alluring enough for people wanting to buy their dream home, discarding the price of the house. But as years went by, things changed drastically until it’s not just about simple exteriors anymore – people are now willing to spend more on designing and remodelling their houses. No matter how good your home is looking at the moment, you can always give it some improvements and make it even more beautiful. We all like to keep things fresh and unique so today we're gonna talk about some ideas that will help you do just that.


For the past several seasons, industrial-style bedrooms have been the talk of the town, and they are guaranteed to be popular again this year. It adds a raw and edgy vibe to your urban bedroom that is unrivalled. Wooden finish flooring will go best with the makeover. You can also go for a deeper tint, but make sure you have enough lighting to illuminate your space. To add to the space's richness, use an upholstered extended headboard. Go for a beige or off white flooring to go well with this interior makeover.

Bedrooms need that personal touch to truly feel like your space. Go for bold designs and explore new and exciting options. You can go for a completely vibrant makeover or a simple and minimalistic makeover. Your choice and preference should be the first priority for your bedroom, then you can include things like flooring in your bedroom makeover to suit the interior better. Click here to browse our extensive selection of tiles.

Living Room

If you wake up to a drab and uninspiring living room every day, or if you return home to one that is untidy, you know it's time for a change. You don't need to completely overhaul your home. All you have to do is adjust the living room's appearance. After all, this is where you entertain your guests or gather with your family to recharge. As a result, it should be comfortable and feel more welcoming. There are solutions to fit every budget, style and preference.

The flooring in the living room should be able to resist heavy foot activity, appear pleasant and blend in with the living room's home decor. Welspun Flooring has a wide selection of tiles to fit your taste and complement your living room design. Click here to know more..


A kitchen is now considered not only as a place for people to cook but also as a place where family members can connect. As a result, it should go without saying that you should plan your kitchen landscape in such a manner that it seamlessly blends usefulness and aesthetics to make meal preparation a pleasurable experience. Because the kitchen is the centre of the home, a good kitchen makeover is crucial - so is the design of kitchen cabinets. Cupboards help you organise your appliances, ingredients, cups, and plates, allowing you to operate more efficiently. Getting stylish and sleek cupboards is a wise decision because modular kitchen cabinet designs provide greater storage space than conventional kitchens.

You can explore a range of flooring options at Welspun Flooring where you can get numerous flooring options that suit all your needs, match your taste and your kitchen needs and makeover. They're also available in a number of finishes, textures and materials, as well as a variety of sleek, clean and cutting-edge designs.

Click-N-Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring can be an ideal choice for your kitchen as it comes with stain and scratch resistant properties that can help you keep your kitchen tidy and less messy. The unparalleled ease of grout-free installation keeps the floor germ-free for years, and the entire installation process is quiet and hassle-free.

The tiles come with anti-microbial and anti-slip properties making your space safe for kids and everyone else. The kids can play around without worrying about slipping or the germs while you can also sit back and relax.

Click here to explore our range of tiles that might be ideal for your kitchen.

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