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Should You Include Flooring While Renovating Your Home?

Published on 12th December, 2021

Renovating a home is a very tedious task, to say the least. You need to analyse renovating ideas, plan them and the hardest part is implementing the plan you finalised. You may decide to renovate your home because the interior may be worn out, it may be old, maybe you bought a new house that has old furniture or you may decide to renovate it just for the sake of it. Whatever your reason be, you should consider new flooring when renovating your home. Flooring is the cherry on top for some beautiful and breathtaking home renovations.

Living Room

A smart selection of flooring can greatly complement your renovation ideas. You can choose a particular theme for your living room and choose the flooring that goes well with it or you can choose a completely different colour combination to enhance the look of the interior. The living room is the first room your guests notice when they visit your home and good flooring can make or break their opinion on your home interior. The eye-pleasing interior comprises the furniture, the walls, the artwork if any and the flooring. You can go through our extensive catalogue at Welspun Flooring for your desired flooring options and choose the tile material and design that suits your personality and your home renovation plan.


If you are renovating your bedroom, then you must give it a personal touch, as it is the most intimate and personal space you can have in your home. Get inspiration from various sources, go all out on your bedroom renovations and don’t shy away from trying new things. Make it a completely customisable personal space where you can spend your free time in peace.

You can go for Carpet Tiles or Click-N-Lock Tiles for your bedroom. They provide better underfoot comfort, are dust and stain-resistant. At Welspun Flooring, Carpet tiles and CNL are available in a variety of designs and finishes which will help you find just the right choice for your space. Because they are available in so many options, you absolutely need not compromise on the type of flooring and the design of the flooring to renovate your bedroom to your heart’s content.


Renovating the Kitchen is the most difficult of all the rooms in the house because the storage and the overall organisation need a lot of extra care because there will be frequent spills and stains in the kitchen. The kitchen is a smaller room compared to the rest of the rooms in the house so you need to get more work done in a smaller space. Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, it must be comfortable and accessible enough for you to move around and cook in a hassle-free manner.

Welspun flooring has the perfect flooring options like Click-N-Lock Tiles which come with stain and scratch resistant properties which is ideal for kitchen since it's a busy area that is prone to spills and stains. Bonus, it comes in a variety of designs and finishes. This can be a great option for your kitchen as the flooring comes with unrivalled convenience of grout-free installation which ensures that the floor remains germ-free for many years.


Bathroom renovation can be simple or complex. Bathrooms are basic and necessary so you might wonder what to even do about it. But we need not treat it as such. You can make your bathroom as luxurious as possible and also add functionality to it.

Flooring is more important than the overall appeal of the bathroom because it is the one place in our house that is constantly wet and slippery. We recommend you to have a separate flooring design for your bath area and a different design for the rest of the bathroom. Installing different flooring designs for different parts of the bathroom is not a new technique but the way you approach the flooring makes all the difference.

These were some of the interior design ideas that might help you with giving the much required transformation to your space.

Bring your innovative renovation ideas to life with the help of Welspun Flooring’s extensive palette of tile designs and materials.

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