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10 design ideas to go with your modern office interior design

10 design ideas to go with your modern office interior design

Published on 27 December 2021, 12:44:59 PM

An office space requires an inspiring and bright environment to keep the workers’ minds focussed and productivity at its peak. With office goers spending a good 8-10 hours a day in a dedicated office space, the modern office interior design must make workers feel welcome. One should look for a design that is not distracting but at the same time strikes a good balance of aesthetics and functionality. 

We have summed up a few design ideas to help you draw up the perfect modern office interior design for your space.  

Ditch The Cubicles And Cabins

Consider getting rid of the partitions and walls in your modern office interior design. This instantly lights up the space and is an instant mood lifter. This encourages an inclusive and healthy work environment. 

Make use Of Colour Psychology

An office space does not have to be themed with serious tones of greys and blues. Making use of vibrant colours while planning your modern office interior design can have a direct impact on the mind and productivity of the employees. 

Pick Elements From Nature

Bringing in elements from nature such as indoor plants and allowing for natural light wherever possible has proven to improve productivity and make the work environment soothing and refreshing. A good choice of indoor plants also helps cleanse the air thereby improving the air quality that directly affects the breath and mental health of employees. 

Modern Space Calls For Modern Elements

Keep it minimalistic and use the best there is in the market when it comes to furniture and other physical elements while thinking of your modern office interior design. Incorporating elements such as a gallery wall or a bean bag corner adds a personal touch to the space. 

Create Collaborative Spaces

Create spaces that provide for a good change in the environment that everyone needs now and then. A modern office interior design that includes lounging areas and common spaces encourages workers to move away from their permanent desks and walk around to refresh their minds occasionally.

Natural Light And Outside Views For All

Step away from hierarchical boundaries that defined the quality of workspaces in old workspace models. A modern office interior design that includes transparent walls allows outside view and natural sunlight for all makes a healthy working environment.

One Space, Multiple Functions

The latest trend in modern office interior design has a lot of focus on creating multifunctional spaces. A space that couples as meeting areas as well as a place to break out can be one example of “one space, multiple functions”. Combining functionality with modern designs and vibrant colors will help achieve this feature. 

Way-finding Tools

Large office spaces often become a maze where workers end up spending a lot of time finding their way around. Remember to include detailed floor plans in your modern office interior design and easy-to-understand signages that make navigating around the office less stressful.

Create Spaces That Make Employees Feel At Home

Adding homely elements in a modern office interior design such as a cushy couch in breakout rooms and a kitchen with basic utilities helps workers feel invited. It helps employees stay longer hours when required without feeling the pressure from a more rigid and serious environment.

Create Great Floors

Flooring is a significant aspect of modern office interior design. You must make sure that the flooring is the best in quality. Certain things that must be noted while considering flooring are that the floors must have sound absorption technology, they must have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, they must have decent underfoot comfort, and should be capable of handling busy foot traffic.

Welspun Flooring has great options that encompass all the qualities required for creating a modern office interior design. Check out the entire range from Welspun Flooring for your office space.

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