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How much does it cost for a small office interior design?

How much does it cost for a small office interior design?

Published on 15 November 2021, 09:40:10 AM

A small workplace can be renovated in multiple ways with striking office interior design. But often people tend to skip this part due to cost-cutting or just simply avoiding going through the hassles. However, did you know that small places can also be transformed into something that would be visually appealing and inspiring to the employees at the same time? Moreover, this flaunt-worthy office space may also bring to you a host of amazing opportunities at your disposal from your mesmerized clients.

The most sought-after question from employers is– How much does it cost for a small office interior design?

Well, it depends on some factors like -

  • The area you own in square feet 
  • The type of designs you would choose

The cost for carpet tiles for office interior design varies between 2500 INR to 4000 INR per square foot approximately. This cost is inclusive of all the expenses like carpentry, furniture, electrical work, flooring, walls, etc. Considering the durability of the office interior design, it could be an ideal option. Moreover, it can surely go around for 5 years without another renovation.

The flooring for office interior design is multiple that can create a signature look for your office space. In Welspun Flooring, the sizes are available in square feet, so your charges will be according to the area you want to cover.

However, you have to keep a few things in mind before settling on a particular office interior design.

Easy installation – Since the office space is the place for busy heads, we understand that the hassle created while opting for office interior design can be a costly affair. So you must look for options that are easy to install yet give you the most coveted aesthetics that you have been meaning to incorporate. The flooring options at Welspun will take just a day for installation for small office spaces which is easily manageable.

Resistance to stain – The stain resistance properties of the flooring will save your office interior design from damages. Carpet tiles are made up of nylon fibers that are stain and fade-resistant. Another option is the exquisite Wall to Wall flooring that is as beautiful as functional. 

Suitable for high traffic – If you have high traffic in the small office space, you probably want to use cushion backing tiles that would be fit for cancelling noise and sound that occurred through foot tapping. The carpet tiles from Welspun are made up of high resilient fibres that would be perfect for your purpose of office interior design.

Now, the various styles of office interior design you will take ideas from for creating your office space a hub of creative endeavours are numerous. The multiple designing possibilities to refurbish your place can probably make it difficult for you to settle on any specific design. Some of the highly trendy and sophisticated carpet tiles for office interior design from Welspun are Relay, Nature, Urbane, and Main Street Streaks. These designs are made to suit your varied mood shades.

The carpet tiles can easily accommodate your dream of a small office interior design. You may also choose multiple designs for multiple spaces in your office. For instance, you can install Main Street Leaks in your lounge area where people dine or relax can be given the splash of colourful designs.

We would suggest you opt for the various flooring options available at Welspun for your office interior design needs. The cost will accommodate your budget due to the reasonable pricing. With a wide variety of designer collections, the small office space can turn into a fascinating jaw-dropping space. We believe it will fuel your imagination and spark creativity for the busy heads.

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