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10 Easy Tips for Luxury Home Remodelling

10 Easy Tips for Luxury Home Remodelling

Published on 20 May 2022, 09:22:36 AM

Home Renovations are an excellent opportunity to make your home more comfortable and luxurious. The only difference between luxury home remodeling and remodeling otherwise or on a budget is that you have more money to splurge on your home renovations.

However, it always need not necessarily translate into spending more. While working on your home interiors to make it feels luxurious, follow the guidelines below that will help you stay focused on your plan while achieving the luxury you want more effectively.


  • Make a plan 

Creating the plan will help you keep track of materials, contractor schedules and the budget. The first thing you should do is wander around your home, take mental notes and envision how your future palace should look. It is essential to be as specific as possible about what you want so that the budget you create will be accurate.


  • Set your budget 

Budgeting your renovation will help decide what will be implemented. Take the list of rooms and research the market price for materials. Usually, when it comes to home improvement, you get what you pay for, so don't buy cheap.


  • Decide your style 

Luxurious home interiors and exteriors tend to have a balance of vintage and modern elements. If you build your home based on what's trendy right now, it might be out of date in just a few years. 

Trendy is good for interior decorations, but for remodeling, go with a classic. In the midst of this changing environment, older styled materials such as wood, granite, stone, and tile have remained popular and the true luxury lies in being surrounded by these natural materials while still being able to enjoy a modern lifestyle.

As you plan to revamp your home in a new style, pay attention to the architectural interests that your home already has. When you have vaulted ceilings and exposed beams, consider how you can highlight the differences in texture.

Antique fireplaces can be spruced up and restored with modern ventilation and gas options without having to take them down completely.


  • Narrow down your must-haves 

While you’re on the journey of doing a luxury home makeover it’s really important for you to make a list of all the must-have items that you want to incorporate into your dream home. Those wants or desires could be anything from wanting an outside barbecue, swimming pools, wine cellar, etc. 


  • Stylish kitchens 

When you’re not restricted on space you can have a massive kitchen that not only is big but also extremely classy. Incorporating kitchen islands that make the space appear even bigger while offering utility is one great idea. you can also incorporate Marble countertops which may seem like a regular idea but they have stood the test of time and give you a clean and chic outlook apart from it being durable.


  • Electrical appliances

You can automate so many things in your house by connecting smart components. From your doors, curtains, lighting, air conditioners, sound systems, and washing machine so much can be done by linking it and making it work together as a system. Invest in electronic appliances that you have always dreamt of. From music systems, home theatre systems, and high-end kitchen appliances, there is so much to select on. You can also focus on converting your home into a smart home which is sure to make it even more luxurious.


  • Spacious bathrooms

A master bathroom can be a place of relaxation. Separating your shower and bath is like separating work and play. While you're working on the bathroom, consider laying some tile to enhance that space.

You could also install a heat lamp which will help to prevent your body from getting shocked by the cold after you step out of the shower and you can even target a lamp to warm up your clothes before you put them on during the winter.


  • Plush bedroom interiors 

When it comes to bedroom interior design you may go all out to create the personal space of your dreams. You can start by installing Wall-to-Wall Carpets from Welspun Flooring and then go on and choose the perfect king-size bed with the most comfortable mattress, linens, and cushions. Whether it’s a neutral colour scheme or a bold one that you want to follow for your bedroom decor, be sure to create harmony amongst all the various elements to have a higher sense of appeal.


  • Work on your outdoor space 

Being able to use the natural world is the ultimate luxury. Outdoor patios make for great gathering places, as people feel less constrained when sitting outside and feel more comfortable speaking openly in the open air. One great addition to your balcony design is that porches with screens keep you from worrying about insects and garden pests while you curl up with a book and sip iced tea.

You could also consider adding artificial grass into balconies and outdoor areas which feel as good as real from Welspun Flooring. Their artificial grass flooring range is known as Greens which are easy to maintain, perfect for outdoors, and feel just like real grass.

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