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Interior Decoration for your home: The best flooring materials for Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration for your home: The best flooring materials for Interior Decoration

Published on 28 July 2021, 06:43:00 PM

A home is a place where you and your family love to spend time and its interior decoration should be such that it incorporates all your needs in every corner of your home. Home interiors are a reflection of your personality and they are much more than great functionality along with beautiful aesthetics. Hence, it becomes extremely important for your space to meet all of your requirements.

Your home’s interior decoration must be something that you take pride in. Another equally important aspect of a perfect-looking home is its flooring. The right type of flooring not only provides you with a flawless surface to stand on but also enhances the feel of your space by a great amount. A well-chosen flooring option may revitalize and transform the aesthetic of your house.

With the changing time and the advancement in technology, several flooring options have been introduced in the market, some heard of and others, still a bit lesser-known. While standard flooring alternatives such as marble, granite, and mosaic remain popular, other stylish and innovative options are now being welcomed in the interior decoration space with open arms.


Types of Flooring for your Interior Design


Easy to maintain Carpet Tiles 

Made from a thick woven fabric, Welspun Carpet Tiles ensure your utmost safety with their anti-microbial properties, keeping your home germ-free and adding a cleanliness quotient to your interior decoration plan.

Attractive SPC Tiles

SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a limestone core combined with PVC and a stabilizer. The SPC Click N Lock tiles from Welspun offer the best value for money since they provide a strong, long-lasting floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Its unique Wel-Lock ™ technology makes it easy to install and can be laid without grout that prevents the accumulation of germs between tiles.

Welspun flooring provides you with SPC tiles that are a cost-effective solution for both internal and external use and can enhance your interior decoration by a notch.

Glossy Vitrified Tiles

It's a high-temperature baked combination of clay and other minerals including silica, quartz, and feldspar. These tiles, which are usually covered with an exterior glaze, have a low water absorption rate and are long-lasting. They are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, prints, and textures. 

Playful Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is one of the simplest flooring materials to install, especially if your current floor is in excellent condition. It's also the cheapest because you can put it directly over your existing flooring and avoid the cost of significant installation materials. Vinyl is available in a variety of kinds, allowing you to select by budget, aesthetics, or installation technique.

Natural Marble Flooring

Marble is a naturally occurring substance that is found in several locations in the country. It is associated with grandeur and richness. The material is extremely long-lasting and relatively simple to maintain, making it the perfect flooring fit in your interior decoration. However, it is rather expensive, because of its natural occurrence and limited availability.

Classic Wooden Flooring

For decades, solid wood has been one of the most popular flooring options. Its construction is as straightforward as it gets, consisting of 0.5 to 0.75-inch-thick hardwood boards or planks that are nailed to a wooden subfloor. Hardwood has the advantage of being able to be refinished several times to extend its life.

Get in touch with Welspun Flooring to help you build your dream home. You may choose from a large number of flooring ideas from their diversified catalogue, or you can just schedule a meeting with one of their design experts and create the perfect flooring that compliments the interior decoration plan of your home.

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