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10 Furniture Pieces to Perk Up the Living Room Design in Indian Apartments

Published on 23 December 2021, 09:06:25 AM

A living room serves as the focal point of our homes. It's a space where we all meet up, laugh and play. Whether it’s to host our guests or simply unwind while watching a movie, our living rooms are there to witness it all. This is why picking the right kind of furniture becomes so important to accentuate the living room designs in Indian apartments. 

We have rounded up the top furniture pieces to enhance the aesthetics of living room designs in Indian apartments.  

Comfortable Sofa

A comfortable sofa with functionality and style can elevate the living room space of any Indian household. If you regularly have guests visiting your place, buying a smartly designed upholstered sofa-cum-bed can be a great option too.

Lounge Chairs

Consider purchasing at least 2 lounge chairs to provide extra seating. You can place them next to your sofa and have yourself a nice chatty corner with guests. 

Dining Table

From expandable dining tables to pull-down ones, this piece of furniture perfectly complements any living room. It can also double up as your crafts table or desk while contributing to smart living room designs in Indian apartments.

Coffee Table

Another way to liven the living room designs in Indian apartments is through an attractive coffee table that can serve as the centerpiece of your living room setup. It can save some shelf space by accommodating your magazines too.

Floor Lamps

Wish to enlighten your living space? Elegant floor lamps are the answer. They give your home a nice, cozy and warm vibe which makes for the perfect lighting for some particular occasions. 

Corner Table

A minimalistic and sleek corner table can add value to the living room designs in Indian apartments. Remember to match it with your other heavy-duty furniture pieces for a grand effect.

TV Unit

Binge-watching shows on Netflix become much more fun when you have a sturdy entertainment center aka a trendy TV unit. Besides perking up living room designs in Indian apartments, your TV unit can reduce the clutter in your living room by storing TV accessories. Win-win

Book Shelves

Book lovers unite! Add sophistication to living room designs in Indian apartments by installing bookshelves to display your mini-library or photographs that add warmth to your living room. 

Stylish Rugs

The right rug can instantly give your living room a complete makeover. It is a 'must-have' when it comes to enhancing the living room designs in Indian apartments.

Stackable Furniture

If you have a smaller living room, make the most of it with stackable furniture to give the room a clutter-free appearance. Think storage drawers, stools, folding chairs and more.

It’s A Wrap!

When revamping your living room, the trick is to select modern furniture that not only looks stylish but is also super-functional and comfortable. Another pivotal component for breathtaking living room designs in Indian apartments is through modern tile designs and flooring. The perfect flooring can make the interiors of your home speak the language of excellence. 

The Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring are the best in class and ideal for living room designs in Indian apartments. They are easy to install and can be installed on existing floors. There is a wide variety of designs available to match the aesthetics of your living room. These are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and have antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-skid properties. If you’re looking to refresh living room designs in Indian apartments, check out Welspun Flooring for more details.

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