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10 Best Floor Tile Designs For Living Room

10 Best Floor Tile Designs For Living Room

Published on 28 July 2021, 08:14:28 PM

The living room is a space where most of our daytime is spent. A lot of thought should go into designing a living room since it's an expression of our sense of style. Floors are usually overlooked when designing living rooms, while in our opinion, they are the most important aspect of living room aesthetics. You can opt for a subtle or bold floor tile designs for your living room depending on your tastes that can enliven the overall design. Here are our top 10 floor tile designs for your living room.


Contemporary Design with Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles have an elegant look in colours like beige, ivory, ash, off white among others. These are easy to maintain and also emulate the luxurious looks of marble and granite. If you want a living room with a minimalist look, light-coloured vitrified tiles should be your top choice. The great advantage of vitrified tiles is that they are moisture and crack-resistant and are highly durable. 


Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

If you have an open plan floor, ceramic and porcelain tiles are your best option as they cover the entire dining, kitchen, and living room area in a single colour. Darker colours will give a cozier look to your space while light colours will enhance the light in the living room. 


The Wooden Effect

Living rooms with wooden floors are classic. The great aspect of wooden flooring is that your options are not limited to hardwood. You can use Welspun’s Click N Lock tiles, laminated floor tiles, or engineered wood floor tile designs for your living room that not only look as good as hardwood floors but are cheaper and easier to maintain too. The range from Welspun is latest with Wel-lock technology that is easier to install compared to all traditional options and has a wide variety of wooden patterns as well.


Unmatched Elegance of Marble Flooring

Nothing comes close to matching the elegance of marble flooring. They are the ultimate form of luxury. A marble flooring is definitely difficult to install and harder to maintain but the charm of marble flooring is absolutely worth the hassle. We have a wide variety of finishes in the Click N lock tiles range. If you are someone who does not want to take the stress of installing and maintaining real marble, our tiles are the perfect solution for you. 


Classic Grid Pattern

You can get a modern and architecturally inspired look by using tiles that are designed to look like a grid. Such patterns are available in all forms of tiling solutions and are cheaper than lots of other modern designs. 


Vinyl Flooring For A Rich Look

You can get a variety of looks by using vinyl floor tile designs for your living room. The best options in vinyl are simulated ceramic tiles and faux wood tiles. It’s a rich-looking solution at affordable prices. 


Bold & Non-Repeating Patterns

You can opt to create a design of bold and non-repeating patterns in a cheerful colour that will liven up your living room. Look at creating patterns that are asymmetric and have bold designs. Try to use bright colours so that the boldness of the designs stands out.


Unique Granite Floor Tiles

A beautiful option to grace would be to use granite floor tile designs for living room. It adds an additional texture to your family space and has unique designs to offer. If you do not have the budget but still want a granite finish for your floor, our click N lock tiles are the best option for you since they are easy to install and maintain and definitely cheaper than granite. 


Use Contrasts

You can opt to use light coloured tiles with dark coloured grouting to create a pattern in an otherwise blank canvas. Such patterns are simple to create and cheaper too with the new floor tile designs for living room.

Mix it Up!

You do not have to limit your options to one type of floor tile designs for living room. You can blend multiple tile designs to create an abstract and a one-of-a-kind look. You can opt to have some inlays in your living room while keeping the rest of the floor elegant and glossy.


You Should Check Out Welspun Flooring Range

Welspun has a diverse range of flooring options to spruce up your living room. Manufactured at one of the world’s most advanced facilities, our products are sustainable and meet all safety standards. We at Welspun are committed to changing the dynamics of the flooring industry. Head over to and check out our range of floor tile designs for living room.


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