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10 Things You Didn't Know About Grey Floor Tiles

10 Things You Didn't Know About Grey Floor Tiles

Published on 31 July 2021, 04:29:06 PM

Grey is a classic colour that can add style and elegance to any room if used in the right way. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about grey floor tiles.

1. Available in Wide Variety

You can choose tiles as per the effects you want to achieve in a particular space. Grey floor tiles with wood-effect add elegance, while stone-effect tiles can give a rustic feel to the place. Moreover, patterned grey tiles with geometric, floral, and such other patterns can add an artistic and fun touch to the room. Grey tiles are also available in concrete, terracotta, and metallic forms.

2. Can Be Used Everywhere

Grey floor tiles can be used in almost every room. Wooden grey tile floors can impart a subtle elegance to your living room while concrete grey tiles can make your bedrooms feel cosy. The kitchen adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space and is also quite practical. If you want to give your bathrooms a wooden finish without using wooden tiles, then these porcelain tiles can do the trick. 

3. Achieve a Minimalistic Look

Use a darker shade of grey for the floors and match it with lighter shades of grey for the rest of the room, including the walls, furniture, and other accessories. This can help you achieve both a minimalistic as well as a glamorous look for space.

4. Pair, Grey with White

To give a classic look to any room, combine grey tiles with white background and furniture. Grey hexagon tiles or porcelain tiles combined with white can give your bathroom a great look. A similar combination can also be used in the living room and the kitchen. You can add colours to the grey-white colour scheme by using colourful curtains, cushions, rugs, etc. 

5. Use the Right Size and Shape

The size and shape of the tiles you choose would help in defining the look of the space. Use large format tiles to give a seamless appearance to the floor space. If you are using brick tiles, lay them in the herringbone fashion to create a unique effect. Plank-style grey tiles can be used to give an organic look to the room.

6. Add a Hint of Black

While grey and white make a great combination, adding black to it can take the space to the next level. Adding a black cistern wall or black cabinet doors in your otherwise grey-white bathroom can give it a stylish look. Go for patterned grey floor tiles while keeping the rest of the bathroom sleek.

7. Include Wood Magic

Pairing grey floor tiles with wooden furniture will help add character to your room. A grey kitchen paired with whitewashed or warm-coloured wooden cabinets will give it a warm look. A similar effect can be achieved in the bathroom as well, by adding dark wooden cabinets to light grey floor tiles.

8. Go for Limestone Effect

Grey limestone floors can be used to give a natural look to your space. These are ideal for kitchens, hallways, and entryways which get a lot of foot traffic. It can also be used in living rooms if you want to give a raw and rustic look and feel to your living space. Grey limestone floors are great for outdoor kitchens, balconies, and patios as well.

9. Create Drama

While grey is usually associated with minimalism, it can also be used to add drama to a given space. All you have to do is use vintage, retro, or rustic furniture along with grey floor tiles to create a dramatic effect. In this scenario, using grey stone tiles would help in achieving the best look.

10. Say Yes to  Grey Coloured Tiles

If you think grey floor tiles would make your bathroom look drab, go for tiles that come with a bit of colour. You would easily find unique colour patterns in grey tiles. Using these in the entire bathroom or just in a section can lift up the look of the place.

As you see, grey is a versatile colour that can be combined with different colours and shapes to create various effects. All you need to know is how to use grey floor tiles to create the best possible look.

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