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5 common myths about granite flooring

5 common myths about granite flooring

Published on 29 November 2021, 09:41:50 AM

Granite is a very misunderstood flooring materials that have survived various myths. Despite its natural beauty that attracts millions, misinformation has spiked up in recent years, which we will be debunking in this blog. Granite flooring makes excellent kitchen countertops so, choosing this beauty among other natural materials will not be a blunder. 


Here are some myths about Granite Flooring:


  • Granite flooring costs a fortune – 

Countertops made of granite are not for high-budgeted people. One can easily get a score of options that can accommodate one’s budget. However, they can be a little pricey as compared to their tile or laminate counterparts. But considering its elegance and majestic appeal, one can easily switch to granite flooring or countertops as the variation in cost won’t affect them much. Moreover, in recent years, the price of granite has shifted downwards. So, it will be easy for you to avail of your room décor without being too harsh on your expenditure. 


  • Granite flooring and countertops are hazardous to health – 

This piece of a myth that has been circulating among buyers has pushed a lot of granite lovers to opt for other options. According to this myth, granite may cause the accumulation of germs, bacteria, and other harmful organisms that makes it unsafe for food preparation. The truth is that this phenomenon is similar for other materials too as dust, germs are inevitable. It means it cannot cause you extra harm than other natural materials. 

The myth that granite flooring emits hazardous radon that can result in severe health ailments also exists. This piece of myth is not true and unsubstantiated as the researchers are yet to find any specific evidence. 

However, there is a complete range of technologically superior look-alikes of granite flooring available at Welspun that consist of the safest Stone Polymer Composite. The Click-N-Lock tiles do not accumulate microbes or bacteria formation, due to their interlocking features, thereby making them the healthiest choice for your kitchen countertops or flooring. 


  • Granite flooring requires great care and maintenance

 While this myth is true to some extent; however you must note that other natural materials like marble also need maintenance. No extra care or provision is required for this natural material except cleaning it with a granite cleaner and sealing the surface every year or so. The entire process takes very little time thereby making this myth not so conclusive since you heard it. It is also stain-resistant, so, even if you spill some coffee or wine on the surface, it will be easy to remove with just a soft and wet fabric.


  • Granite flooring can lose the initial sheen 

To state the facts, Granite flooring is in fact less prone to dullness. With time; however, if it loses a bit of its initial glamour, you can polish it for a makeover and it will be all back to its previous form. The Click-N-Lock Tiles flooring from Welspun exudes beauty just like the granite flooring contains Anti Fade UV finishing that resists dullness to creep in.

You can explore a range of flooring options that suit your taste that would be the perfect companion for your kitchen countertops or any type of flooring solutions at Welspun. They are the real myth busters of granite flooring as they contain the exact feature one wishes to see in any kind of natural flooring element. Its durability, elegance, and performance will surely make it the perfect choice for your interior decoration project. 

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