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5 designs to spruce up an Indian style living room, on a budget!

5 designs to spruce up an Indian style living room, on a budget!

Published on 27 December 2021, 09:54:31 AM

The thought of decorating the interior of the house begins with the design of making the living room a spacious, luxurious, and modern-looking place which will leave an impeccable effect on the guests. But doing this on a set budget can be challenging sometimes. 

To reduce the budget constraint from your décor list and make your living room an exquisite place for you, we have collected a few modern and trending ideas to get an Indian style living room design on a low budget.


  1. Add More Colours: From clothes to festivals, India has always been known as the country of colours, so why not include this in your Indian style living room design in low budget. The addition of more colours into your living room design will definitely give it a cultural touch and will also set the tone of the décor. Go for a mixture of some warm as well as some vibrant colours that will uplift your mood when you enter your home. While a warm tone will give you relief, a single statement wall with lots of vibrant colour and patterns will add up a cheerful smile on your face and leave your mood energetic the entire day.
  2. Include Colourful Curtains: Having some good fabric curtains matching with your wall colour and furniture will add up to your décor game for your Indian style living roo.m design in low budget In India, Curtains are not only used to cover bare windows or protect light but also, act as a very good element in your décor if chosen wisely. Always go with the colours that complement your overall interior look and it will definitely offer you an excellent Indian style living room design in low budget.
  3. Add Statement Pieces and Handicrafts: Decorating and Indian style living room design in low budget and didn’t add any handicraft item yet? This will surely make your Indian-style living room incomplete. Being the land of artisans and handicrafts, designing an Indian style living room design in low budget must include ample handicrafts and statement pieces to give that traditional look to your place, which will always remind you of your traditions and culture. 
  4. Rugs and Carpets: Just like Indian handicrafts, rugs or carpet is a vital element for an Indian style living room design in low budget. Carpets and rugs of desi prints and designs will add up to the beauty of your living room. Along with adding warmth and freshness to your living room, they will also beautify the entire place making it look more spacious and luxurious. Be sure of the colours, patterns, and most importantly the size you are choosing for your carpet. 
  5. Paintings/Photographs: one of the most affordable yet trendy ideas for Indian style living room design in low budget is to add up more family picture frames or art paintings to decorate your living room. Along with a statement wall in your living room, there can be a picture wall either carrying all your favourite family portraits to give a more homely feel or you can simply go for some good art pieces to have a modern and chic-looking living room.

With all these mentioned décor ideas, be very particular about your personal choices, style, and preferences as the addition of such décor items should also go with your personality and choice as it will directly reflect your mindset and idea in front of your guests. All you need is a little hard work in finding the correct pieces and some patience to get it peacefully done. 

For more affordable and trending ideas, you should definitely check out the Welspun Flooring website where experts will guide you with the best-suited option as per your style, preferences, and most importantly your budget. 

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