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5 flooring ideas to give your outdoor space a quirky revamp

5 flooring ideas to give your outdoor space a quirky revamp

Published on 27 December 2021, 05:19:53 AM

Having an impeccable outdoor space truly lifts the décor of the entire house turning it into a home. Many times, people keep the outdoor space understated but they forget that this area is something guests will notice first. Therefore, taking extra efforts in deciding about the outdoor flooring ideas will add some new life to the entire décor of the house. 

Generally, an outdoor space consists of a patio, pavement, pathways, and any other surface you are walking outside of your house. There are ample outdoor flooring ideas to choose from, here in this blog we have listed down the 5 latest and most trendy flooring ideas that will help you in getting the outdoor space of your dreams.  



  1. Porcelain tiles: For outdoor spaces, Porcelain tiles have emerged as one of the biggest trends for this year. Along with some great features like being durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain, Porcelain tiles come in a diverse range of colors and patterns that will complement your style and preferences of flooring ideas. 
  2. Composite Decking: Composite decking is made up of wood flour and wood fiber which makes it kind of similar to the various types of vinyl flooring. Out of all the gorgeous flooring ideas, this has gained popularity for being used for outdoor patios and pavements. If you are thinking to go with this style, then you would not have to worry about its shine as this will look fresh and will add up to the look of your house for many years.
  3. Ceramic Tile: In comparison to other flooring ideas, ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, water-resistant, and are suitable for heavy foot traffic areas. Owing to its low maintenance and affordable prices it is making its way in budget-friendly households. People are using these tiles for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Thus, it can prove to be the best choice for your outdoor space, giving it an eye-pleasing look. 
  4. Natural stone: For pathways and outdoor spaces, locally sourced natural stones is what people often go with. These are highly durable, long-lasting, and look gorgeous giving your outdoor space a uniform look. For years, natural stone has constantly been one of the greatest outdoor flooring ideas giving the outdoors a cohesive look. 
  5. Artificial Grass: Adding up a hint of greenery to your outdoor space will level up your décor game. As the phrase goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Along with the pathways and pavements, decorating the lawn with artificial green grass can give an impeccable look to your outdoor space. This has been one of the latest and most trendy flooring ideas of the year 2021 for outdoor spaces.

Get a customizable look for your outdoor space with these latest and trending flooring ideas that will complement your style as well as the overall look of your house. 

Still, confused with what to choose and what not to? Get in touch with the experts at Welspun Flooring who will take notes of your preference and will guide the best-suited flooring for you and your house. At Welspun flooring, the experts offer you a diverse range of options to choose from that will suit your choices and most importantly, your budget.

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