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10 Modern & Creative Flooring Ideas

10 Modern & Creative Flooring Ideas

Published on 31 August 2021, 03:29:35 PM

Modern tile designs for living rooms are nowadays usually dull and without the use of any creative ideas. Most homes usually feature ceramic tiling or natural stone flooring that matches the theme of the home and is within the budget. Flooring is not given much thought outside of these parameters. The home decor can be enhanced with some creative and modern flooring ideas and modern tile designs for the living room. We have compiled a list of the top ten modern and creative flooring ideas:

Inlay Design Flooring

You can use elements like stone, wood, steel, or bronze to create inlay designs on your existing floors. Any amount of creativity can be used to create personalized modern tile designs for the living room. For example, on a white marble floor, you can use black stone inlays to create patterns.

Hand Painted Floor Tiles

Hand-painted modern tile designs for living rooms can lend a unique design element to a traditional floor. It adds colour to an otherwise boring floor. You can create anything from a simple to an intricate design. 

Mix N Match Flooring

Creativity has no limits. For different areas of your home, you can create different designs, patterns and even use varied flooring ideas. Like your living rooms could have marble or granite flooring, the kitchen could have modern tile designs, and bedrooms can have rustic wooden flooring. The idea is to not restrict yourself with the same flooring for your entire home but use different options to make your home stand apart with these modern tile designs for living rooms and bedrooms.

Rustic Wooden Flooring

Traditional wooden flooring is expensive and requires high maintenance. What if we tell you that there are modern solutions that can provide you the exact look of wooden floors without the hassle of the maintenance and the expensive upfront costs? Stone polymer composite floor tiles by Welspun have a great range of wooden finishes. These tiles come with Wel Lock™ technology that can be installed in less than a day, even on existing floors with no dust or noise!

3D Painted Modern Mural Art

Usually, 3D murals adorn walls or ceilings but you could do the same art on floors with these modern tile designs too. An area of your home that has a large space can be used to create a beautiful 3D painted modern mural art.

Modern Carpet Floor Tiles

Carpet tiles are usually meant for commercial flooring. However, now that most of us are working from home and are creating our private workspaces, carpet tiles can be a great idea for your home office. You can pick from wool, nylon, polypropylene, or recycled polyester (PET) carpet tiles that are available in a variety of designs.

Herringbone Floor Tiles Design

You can pair porcelain modern tile designs for the living room with one or two different designs to create a modern herringbone pattern. This pattern is a great way to add depth and creativity to your space. May it be your living room, your bedroom kitchen or the drawing room.

Checkered Black & White Floor Tiles Design

Checkered designs are classic and never go out of fashion. It is an easy and maintenance-free flooring that can be created using modern tile designs for the living room. It works in both luxurious and casual homes when paired with the right kind of interiors for living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Painted Concrete Floor

One of the most durable flooring options are painted concrete floors. You can be more creative and paint your concrete floors or change the colour to create more earthy colours using dyes and colouring agents. 

Inlaid Wooden Floor Tiles

You can go a level up on your existing or new wooden floors to create a sophisticated and modern floor with inlaid wooden modern tile designs for the living room. Modern techniques use laser cutting technology to apply wooden inlays. A wide variety of creative designs can be created for such floors. These are perfect modern tile designs for the living room.

You Should Check Out The Flooring Range From Welspun

Welspun has a huge variety of modern tile designs for living rooms and more that can spruce up your home. Our flooring solutions are manufactured at one of the world’s most advanced facilities which adhere to all consumer safety standards. You must head to to check out our range of flooring solutions.


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