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5 Futuristic Interior Design trends for your room that you must know

5 Futuristic Interior Design trends for your room that you must know

Published on 13 April 2022, 06:07:36 AM

When it comes to futuristic interior design, all that comes to mind are sci-fi movies that captivate us. Futurism is both captivating and intimidating. It comes with a home interior design. that includes more metallics, long dynamic lines, and a monochromatic look that suggests motion and urgency. In every genre of art from painting, to sculpting, ceramics,  interior design, theatre, literature, music, and architecture, the ultra-modern and hi-tech look is becoming increasingly popular.

Floors are often distinguished by horizontal wavy lines and the following color schemes: white, grey, and black. Shiny silver is also common, while red, yellow, light green and mystic blue are used to accent the floor. A lot of materials, such as metal, plastic, leather, and glass, are used in the creation of futuristic furniture. The furniture is shaped in distinctive ways that are curved, angular, and made from glass, metal, plastic, or leather.

Metallic material has a masculine nature but can be toned down through upholstery and soft furnishings. Modernist style is characterized by large furniture and real splashes of lime, dark blue, and yellow in your living room. Most floors are laminated or tiled in complementary shades to the walls to provide synchrony between the two. Other characteristics include touch-controlled blinds, doors, lights, and cabinet doors. Using smart electronic systems helps to save time and make life easier.

A wide range of electronic systems is available, including ovens, hoods, WIFI-enabled refrigerators, home-climate regulators that connect to one's phone, and LED strip lighting on ceilings and walls. The decor is modern and experimental, fusing minimalism with creativity. Strong geometric walls, surrealist paintings, monochromatic images, and cooperation between neutral background and vibrant highlights are some of the combined aspects to produce a spaceship-like impression, utilizing straight and smooth lines.

After having an idea of what futuristic home interior designs look like, here are five trends that you should follow:

1. Minimalism: Futuristic interior design ideas scream going all out but are quite minimalistic. This design is all about creating a certain kind of vastness. It does not believe in cluttering the space. However, it does believe in fewer elements that are larger than life with a personality of its own. While it is about going all out, it is still about being minimal.

2. A monochromatic colour palette: Can’t stress enough importance of the role that colour plays in home interior decor. It is not only aesthetically important but also plays a psychological role. When we are discussing colour and home makeover based on the theme of futurism then we need to opt for a more monochromatic look and feel. Colour scheme implementation need not be restricted to the walls only but it should translate to all other aspects of your home interior design. Shades of white, blue, and grey are the more popular colour picks for this theme.

3. Softer Designs: Every home interior design must reflect the spirit of dynamism in futuristic design and this must show in the furnishings as well. Creativity is slightly restricted in this theme, however, adding softer designs/furnishings can help tone down the masculinity of the other materials that are used to create this look. Whether it is furnishings or the shape of your walls, curvy is the design you want to look for. You can add a sense of balance to this design by actually taking the word “softer” very easily. Add the carpet tiles from Welspun flooring for your house interior design.

4. Futuristic appliances: As time-saving appliances are a key element of not only the future but also futuristic home interiors, invest in a smart electronic system that runs the entire house. From your doors, curtains, lightingTechnolo, AC’s, sound systems, and washing machine so much can be done by linking it and operating the same from your phone. You can consider investing in the following futuristic home appliances such as:

  • A smart mattress that understands our sleep routine and adjusts the temperature of the mattress in accordance with that.
  • Home security systems that can be operated from your phone
  • Transparent televisions which are a combination of conventional LCD and TOLED display technology
  • If you are a gamer you must consider an MFi game controller that can turn the iPad Air and iPad Mini into portable game consoles.

5. Grab Attention: The whole aim of this concept is to grab attention. One way to do this is by using a variety of different mediums, such as two-dimensional paintings, sculptures, shadow boxes, etc., to add some depth to your living room interior with graphite wall decorations. A blend of mid-century interiors and modern futuristic style is evident in modern futuristic interiors. One way of grabbing someone’s attention is by changing the flooring and installing Click-N-Lock tiles from Welspun Flooring to grab attention as well as tone down the other loud elements in this design.

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