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6 Diy Home Decor Ideas

6 Diy Home Decor Ideas

Published on 04 May 2022, 12:04:12 PM

Doing a bit of DIY design and decor can make your home seem fresh and new? No need to fret if you're not so crafty, you can find many of these items at an antique or flea market. You can get your hands on different size and colour baskets or Bundt pans, arrange them artfully on the wall and you've got an entirely new look! 

DIY ideas or projects may seem overwhelming at first but they are a lot simpler than it appears. You need not take up massive projects just yet. You can start with smaller DIY home interior design projects like revamping old plates into wall decor, or setting up your herb garden, converting old mason jars into soap dispensers and so on.

You can add a lot of charm to your freshly spruced up home with these homemade projects.

  1. Themed Gallery Wall: Make a gallery wall in your hallway if your walls are tired or lacklustre. Bring in antique frames, or go to a thrift store or flea market to find hand mirrors and create a gallery wall. You can make a gallery wall by arranging photographs, posters, prints or frames on a wall in a creative way. You can put family photos in frames and display posters to fill the walls.
  2. Murals: Murals are a great way to add a touch of personalization to your home decor. Not only is it cheaper but also adds a very artsy feel to your space. You can create your wall mural. Choose the wall that you are looking to highlight and paint your heart away. Be it a tropical theme or just simple geometric shapes. There are many wallpapers available too which look just like wall murals that you can consider as an option too. Team this up with Clik-N-Lock Tiles from Welspun Flooring to give a more complete look to your home interior design.
  3. Shelf/Storage Space Made From Wooden Crates: Are you looking for a rustic shelf that doesn't break the bank? This wooden crate shelf adds character and is entirely customizable depending on the stain and number of crates you choose! Perfect for any corner of the house be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or balcony!
  4. Decoupage Old Furniture: This is one of the most fun DIY hacks. Decoupage is the art of decorating objects like glass bottles, furniture, wooden articles like tissue paper holders, ceramic plates and so much more by glueing decorative paper and adding special paint effects. This technique can be used to upcycle old furniture. For eg, for a chest of drawers, give it a fresh coat of paint probably in a vibrant hue and then add paper in motifs of the vibe you're trying to generate.
  5. Propagate Plants: Propagating plants is one of the easiest ways to add life to your home interiors. Propagating plants from your existing ones is very easy. You can also propagate plants using plant cuttings from friends and family to add more variety to your existing collection. Adding plants to any room adds a natural touch and helps purify the air. They offer easy DIY home decor ideas that are affordable and easy to maintain. Adding greens to your house elevates the look of your house. You can further do so by exploring the Greens range from Welspun Flooring, especially for balcony interior design or outdoor areas of your home
  6. Mirror Upgrades: The addition of decorative mirrors adds to the glam quotient of the house. Not only does it make your space look creative but it also reflects light which in turn makes the space look wider with a lot of natural light seeping in. Add beautifully mounted mirrors to your home interiors as wall pieces, near lights, in your bathroom and they sure will create a statement.

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